Establishment of Cross-Industry Training Advisory Committee for the Human Resource Management Sector under Qualifications Framework

     The Education Bureau (EDB) today (June 30) announced the establishment of the Cross-Industry Training Advisory Committee (Cross-ITAC) for the Human Resource Management (HRM) sector under the Qualifications Framework (QF) starting from July 1, 2014, and appointed Mr Wilfred Wong Kam-pui as its Chairperson. Also appointed to the Committee were 20 members comprising corporate management and training personnel, representatives of the sector, a university professor and representatives of the EDB and the Civil Service Bureau (CSB).

     The Cross-ITAC for HRM is mainly tasked to draw up the Specification of Competency Standards (SCSs) and develop the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism for the HRM sector, and to publicise and promote the QF among the sector. The membership of the Cross-ITAC for HRM is as follows:

Chairperson: Mr Wilfred Wong Kam-pui
Vice-Chairperson: Ms Margaret Cheng Wai-ching
Members: Ms Cally Chan
         Mrs Nancy Chan
         Dr Aaron Chiang Sai-yuen
         Professor Randy Chiu
         Ms Judy Feng
         Dr Sunny Fong
         Dr Helen Fung
         Ms Stella Hon
         Mr Fred Kwan Yau-fat
         Ms Kwan Kin-mei
         Mrs Ann Kung
         Ms Connie Lam Tsui-wa
         Mr Lee Yuet-man
         Mr David Li Chi-ming
         Mr Derek Ng
         Dr Chester Tsang Wing-cheong
         Dr Oliver Yau Bun
         Representative of EDB
         Representative of CSB

     Members are appointed for a term of two years and six months from July 1, 2014, to December 31, 2016.

     The Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, said, "Mr Wong is an experienced HRM expert, having held positions in charge of HRM in various major institutions. He has also served on a number of government advisory committees on different areas including education. I am confident that under Mr Wong's leadership, the Cross-ITAC for HRM will generate new insights into the QF."

     At present, 19 industries have set up Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs) under the QF. The establishment of the Cross-ITAC for HRM will bring the number of ITACs to 20 and increase their coverage from 46 per cent to 48 per cent of the workforce in Hong Kong.

     The ITACs are established to effectively implement the QF within the industry. One of their major tasks is to draw up SCSs for the relevant industries, which set out the skills, knowledge and outcome standards required of employees in different functional areas of the industry, and provide a basis for education and training providers to design programmes that best suit the needs of the industry. The SCSs also serve as a useful guideline for employers to develop in-house training and HRM, such as staff recruitment and performance assessment.

     With the establishment of the Cross-ITAC for HRM, the concept and application of the QF will be more effectively and widely disseminated to practitioners of various industries, thus supporting continuous education and lifelong learning so that learners are better equipped to meet the challenges of a knowledge-based society.

     Implemented by the Government since 2008, the QF is a seven-level hierarchy covering qualifications in the academic, vocational and continuing education sectors, providing accessible articulation pathways for lifelong learning. For details, please visit the website at

Ends/Monday, June 30, 2014
Issued at HKT 17:01