Move and Play! Exhibition lets visitors actively learn about science of movement (photos)

     Do you find it hard to co-ordinate your limbs while exercising? Want to test your aptitude for sports and your reaction time? You can test your physical skills while learning about the science behind them by visiting the latest exhibition at the Hong Kong Science Museum, "Move and Play!" that runs from today (June 20) until October 29.

     The exhibition is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department with exhibits produced and supplied by Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre.

     Packed with 20 groups of very challenging exhibits, "Move and Play!" not only gives visitors a chance to test their co-ordination skills, but also introduces them to the sensory and mental processes involved, enhancing their knowledge of different senses including sight, hearing, touch, proprioception and balance as well as the impact of physical exercise on their body.

     With the FIFA World Cup going on, football fans should not miss the game "How Hard Can You Kick?" and "Goalie or not?". The former tests how powerfully you can kick a ball while the latter lets you experience blocking footballs using your body like a goalkeeper.
     Other exhibits can be played with friends. For instance, visitors can race against their friends in the game "Team Stomp", or work together with friends to catch the falling fruits and animals in the "Circus Game".

     After all that physical activity, visitors can use "You're on Thermal Camera!" to see how hot their body has become!

     For details of the exhibition, visit the Hong Kong Science Museum's website at, or call 2732 3232.

Ends/Friday, June 20, 2014
Issued at HKT 19:20