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"Reflection" exhibition to construct world of illusion at Oi! (with photos)

     What kind of visual impact can be achieved by the image of a building and its refection? Running from tomorrow (May 17) until July 8 at Oi!, an exhibition titled "Reflection" will feature works by three groups of artists who break the boundaries of space to construct a world blending reality and fabricated imagery.

     The participating artists, Leandro Erlich from Argentina and Meta4 Design Forum and Kingsley Ng from Hong Kong, will present their works in various media to show the relationship between space and environment, using Oi! as their creative platform.

     Leandro Erlich creates three-dimensional visual illusions that invite the viewer's interaction. His Bâtiment works were always inspired by the original architecture of the area in which they were based, whether Paris, Buenos Aires, Donetsk, London or even a small town in Japan. But in Hong Kong he will create an extraordinary Bâtiment specially tailored for Oi!. Featuring a life-size façade that lies on the ground with a mirrored surface positioned overhead at a 45-degree angle, the work defies common sense and the normal perceptions of space.

     Inspired by the historical buildings that house Oi! and the modern high-rises that surround them, the architects of Meta4 Design Forum have teamed up with documentary photographer Tse Pak-chai to create the work "Façade".  The installation assimilates a curtain wall - the symbol of urban redevelopment - and projects on to it images of old buildings that have been demolished so as to stimulate viewers' memories of the city, and also enable them to rethink the relationship between the old buildings that are disappearing and the new ones that are taking their place.

     As the original home of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Oil Street has always been associated with leisure, while North Point also offered plenty of entertainment in the old days. In an exploration of the relationship between "recreation" and "re-creation", artist Kingsley Ng has created the installation work "Luna Park". The installation tells the story of North Point by reflecting the street scenes outside the arched windows of Oi!. Using scenes composed of light and sound that are partially real and partially imaginary, the work invites the audience to travel through the urban landscapes of Oil street's past and present.

     Admission to the exhibition is free. For details of the exhibition, please visit the Oi!'s website at, or call 2512 3000.

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