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Park at Hong Kong Velodrome to add to green space (with photos)

     To tie in with the opening of the cycling track and arena of the Hong Kong Velodrome on April 30, the adjoining park will also be open for use on the same day, adding to the green space in Tseung Kwan O district.

     Occupying an area of 5.3 hectares, the park is heavily landscaped and includes an amphitheatre, a skatepark, a jogging track, a sport climbing wall, a central lawn, children's play area, a fitness corner for the elderly, artificial lakes and a model boat pool.

     The park offers both active and passive facilities. Besides an open-air amphitheatre, the park contains about 1 200 trees including Terminalia mantaly, Bauhinia variegate and Cinnamomum camphora. Under the shade of these green trees, visitors will have the chance to embark on an exciting adventure.

     The skatepark area is specifically designed for skateboarding and aggressive inline skating with three half-pipes and bowls of varying levels of steepness and difficulty, where extreme-sports thrill seekers can showcase their talents.  Visitors can also work their muscles on the jogging track with its fitness training facilities, or try their hands on the sport climbing wall nearby.

     If they are tired after the workout, visitors can relax on the central lawn, which provides massive green open space for people to freely tread on, stroll, lie down or engage in other leisure activities. On one side of the lawn is a children's play area with slides and inclusive play equipment. On the other side of the lawn is a fitness corner for the elderly, where they can also enjoy a game of chess with friends on the chess tables nearby.

     Across the central lawn are artificial lakes that successfully blend in with the curvilinear shape of the velodrome building. In addition, there is also a 40-centimetre-deep model boat pool where people can indulge in model boating.

     Also on display in the spacious parkland are two artistic sets of feature seats. One set shows a pair of two circular seats symbolising two race bicycle wheels. Another set shows a pair of sculptures with its design concept derived from the organic geometry of the skatepark.  

     Managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Velodrome is located at 105-107 Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O. The adjoining park facilities such as the lawn terrace, central lawn, children's play area, and fitness corner for the elderly are open 24 hours.

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