Lantau Development Advisory Committee holds first meeting

     The Lantau Development Advisory Committee held its first meeting today (March 8). During the meeting, the Government briefed members on various development projects in the pipeline and in the future at Lantau, including the expansion of Tung Chung New Town, commercial development on the North of the Airport Island, commercial development on the artificial island at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, reclamation in Sunny Bay, and the East Lantau Metropolis. Members were also briefed on the constraints and potential of development of Lantau.

     Several members made initial suggestions concerning transport, employment, conservation, livelihood and economic development on Lantau to help map out the development strategy for the island.

     Speaking to the media after the meeting, the Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan, said, "In the next few years, a number of transport infrastructure projects will come into use upon completion. We need to ponder how to take full advantage of Lantau as the confluence of major transport infrastructure linking Hong Kong, Macau and the western Pearl River Delta (PRD), so as to capitalise on the development opportunities to meet the needs of the Lantau community and the long-term development of Hong Kong."

     "The committee comprises officials from government bureaux and departments, professionals, representatives from the tourism and logistics industries, academics, members of the Legislative Council and the District Councils, and local representatives. The members have vast experience and rich knowledge in the local community as well as their respective profession and sector. I hope the committee will be able to initiate active discussions and gauge views from the wider community to assist the Government in developing a comprehensive and long-term strategy for the economic and social development of Lantau, and transform this converging point of traffic from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau into the 'pearl of the region', thereby reinforcing Hong Kong's position as a world city and enhancing its competitiveness."

     The members also discussed the committee's house rules and the system of declaration of interest.

     Mr Chan said that suggestions put forward by the members include not only short-term measures, but also direction for the medium and longer terms. The relevant bureaux and departments will collate and analyse them. During the meeting, members also discussed the way forward for the committee's work. The secretariat will consolidate the views expressed and devise a work plan for the committee's consideration at the next meeting.

     The Government appointed in January this year 19 non-official members to the Lantau Development Advisory Committee for a term of two years from February 1, 2014, to January 31, 2016. Ex-officio members include representatives from the Development Bureau, the Environment Bureau, the Transport and Housing Bureau, the Home Affairs Bureau, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Civil Engineering and Development Department and the Planning Department.

     The Committee is responsible for advising the Government, through the Secretary for Development, on:

(1) the social and economic development opportunities on Lantau to capitalise on its advantages as the confluence of major transport infrastructure linking Hong Kong, Macau and the western PRD, so as to meet the long-term development needs of Hong Kong; and

(2) the policies, measures and specific proposals conducive to the sustainable development and conservation of Lantau.

Ends/Saturday, March 8, 2014
Issued at HKT 22:32