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Opening remarks by SEN at press conference on "A Food Waste & Yard Waste Plan for Hong Kong 2014-2022" (with photos/video)

     Following is the opening remarks by the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, at the press conference on "A Food Waste & Yard Waste Plan for Hong Kong 2014-2022" held today (February 20):

     Hong Kong faces a serious waste challenge. About one-third of our municipal solid waste comes from food waste, so it is crucial to tackle the challenge by reducing food waste in Hong Kong.

     We have the determination and commitment to reduce food waste and are glad to have the support from the whole Government. We will adopt a multi-pronged approach to achieve the target of reducing food waste disposal by 40 per cent by 2022. The Government and the whole community must join hands to attain the target.

     We have mapped out four strategies as the backbone to tackle food waste.

     Firstly, reduction at source. We will continue to drive behavioural changes through the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign. The quantity-based municipal solid waste charging scheme to be implemented will also reduce food waste.

     The second "R" is reuse and donation. We encourage commercial sectors like supermarkets, bakeries, etc to donate food waste to food donation organisations. Our Environment and Conservation Fund will also support food waste recycling projects. We hope that one day Hong Kong will become a "Food Wise City".

     The third "R" is recyclable collection. We will initiate a study on food waste collection and delivery in 2015.

     The fourth "R" is renewable energy. In this case is waste-to-energy. We will set up a network of organic waste treatment facilities (OWTFs). Private sectors are also welcome to participate in the development of further OWTFs and we are open to their options and proposals to tackle the challenge together.

     I will now use PowerPoint presentation to give a brief introduction of our "A Food Waste & Yard Waste Plan for Hong Kong 2014-2022".

Ends/Thursday, February 20, 2014
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