SWD launches animation series on positive parenting (with photo)

     Children at different developmental stages face different challenges, while parents have to cope with a lot of stress in their lives. Even with love and care, treating a child in a way that is not positive can be counterproductive sometimes, with the child being hurt and the parent-child relationship undermined. Many parents find themselves at the end of their wits when trying to strike a balance between guidance and discipline.

     In view of this, the Social Welfare Department (SWD) has produced a series of short animations titled "Wisdom of Parenting", featuring interactive dialogues between a family of four and a "wise man", in which parents may find some useful information on effective parenting and the ways to promote resilience in their children. The animations, on six different themes, are now available on the SWD homepage www.swd.gov.hk for public viewing and are being broadcast at MTR stations and on trains and public buses until February 23.

     Here are some tips on positive parenting:

1. Think more about whether your words or actions are helping or in fact harming your child.

2. Listen patiently to what your child has to say. Explain why you think the way you think and share your experience with them. Give your child the space to grow and let them learn from challenges.

3. Look for the efforts and progress your child has made every day. Be generous with praise and encouragement.

4. Hug your child more often and chat with them more. Build up a relationship of mutual trust based on good communication so that they are always willing to confide in you.

5. When guiding your child, you may sometimes lose your patience or even your senses. At this point, try to wash your face or drink some water to calm yourself down.

6. Make your rules clear to your child. If they break the rules, tell them calmly and clearly how you feel so that they can understand what is wrong and learn from their mistakes.

     For more information on positive parenting skills, people may visit SWD's Family Life Education Webpage (www.family-land.org/) or talk to a social worker by calling:

SWD's hotline: 2343 2255;
CEASE Crisis Centre 24-hour hotline: 18 281; or
Family Crisis Support Centre 24-hour hotline: 18 288.

Ends/Sunday, February 16, 2014
Issued at HKT 14:00