School surveys launched for New Academic Structure medium-term review

     The Education Bureau (EDB) today (January 21) announced that the EDB, the Curriculum Development Council (CDC) and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) have jointly launched the first batch of school surveys, as part of the continuous consultation process for the New Academic Structure (NAS) medium-term review, to collect schools' views on the senior secondary curriculum and assessment.

     The NAS review is an ongoing process to facilitate the continual implementation of the NAS/New Senior Secondary (NSS) policy for the betterment of student learning. Schools in general welcome the short-term recommendations announced in April 2013, which have helped to fine-tune the NSS curriculum and assessment (including School-based Assessment) and relieve the workload of teachers as well as students. Building on the improvements and adopting the same principle-led design with the same aim as in the review at the short-term stage, the NAS medium-term review launched in October 2013 will address the unresolved issues in various subjects and curriculum areas.

     The Chairman of the CDC, Professor Kenneth Young, said, "As always, students' learning effectiveness is the top priority. With continuous reflection on the NAS and after listening to the views of all stakeholders, we shall be ready to make further improvements for the betterment of student learning in the NAS. The surveys are designed to solicit the views of school principals and teachers on some specific curriculum and assessment issues in order to inform professional deliberations at various committees under the CDC and the HKEAA, mainly for the first batch of recommendations to be announced in July 2014. The last batch of medium-term recommendations is expected to be announced not later than July 2015, and proposals would be put to schools for consultation at a later stage as necessary."

     This batch of surveys consists of five questionnaires. The first questionnaire collects views from school principals on system- and school-level issues, while the rest are to collect views from subject panel heads and teachers on four subjects: Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Liberal Studies (LS), and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS). In view of the tight schedule, the questionnaires for school principals, Chinese Language and Chinese Literature have been delivered to schools, to be followed by the LS and BAFS questionnaires in early February.

     The questionnaires for school principals, Chinese Language and Chinese Literature have been uploaded to the NAS review webpage on the EDB website ( The public can also browse the latest information and activities of the NAS through the NAS Web Bulletin (

Ends/Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Issued at HKT 18:40