Subsidy Scheme for retrofitting refuse collection vehicles invites applications (with photos)

     To help the waste collection trade meet the new equipment standards for refuse collection vehicles (RCVs), the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched a one-off subsidy scheme for private RCV owners to retrofit their vehicles. The subsidy scheme will include the installation of a metal tailgate cover and a waste water sump tank, so that the environmental nuisance caused by RCVs without such devices can be addressed.

     A spokesman for the EPD said today (January 10),"Participation in the subsidy scheme is voluntary. All private RCVs registered with the Transport Department before January 1, 2014, that have not participated in the RCV Retrofitting Pilot Scheme are eligible to join the subsidy scheme."

     Participating RCV owners will receive a one-off subsidy for the installation of a metal tailgate cover and a waste water sump tank on RCVs not equipped with such devices, or other improvement works such as the installation of additional cover plates on RCVs already equipped with a tailgate cover or sump tank.
     The application period for the subsidy scheme is January 10 to September 30, 2014. Participating RCV owners are allowed to choose their preferred retrofitting workshops for the retrofitting works. They must submit their application with the proposed design prepared by the retrofitting workshop to the EPD for approval. The retrofitting works should commence only after the receipt of written approval from the department. RCV owners will be given reasonable and adequate time for completing the retrofitting works after their applications have been approved.

     The retrofitting works will have to be examined and certified as satisfactorily completed by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department before payment of the subsidy. The subsidy, subject to a pre-set ceiling, will be paid directly to the retrofitting workshop to meet the actual cost of the retrofitting work. Details of the subsidy scheme and the application form have been uploaded to the EPD website: (Chinese version only).

     The spokesman urged RCV owners to submit applications and complete the retrofitting works as soon as possible for early abatement of the environmental nuisance caused by RCVs during the transportation of waste.

     The Waste Disposal (Designated Waste Disposal Facility) (Amendment) Regulation 2013 (Amendment Regulation) was published in the Gazette on November 29, 2013 to require, amongst other things, that all RCVs driven into landfills or refuse transfer stations must be equipped with a metal tailgate cover and waste water sump tank of suitable construction and in good working condition. The requirement seeks to enhance the environmental performance of RCVs during waste transportation. The relevant Legislative Council Subcommittee has completed its deliberation on the Amendment Regulation. Subject to the approval of the amendment resolution agreed with the relevant Subcommittee by Legislative Council at its sitting of January 22, 2014, the new equipment standard requirement will commence operation on a future date to be determined, taking into account the progress of the necessary retrofitting work under the subsidy scheme.

     For further information on the subsidy scheme, please call the EPD at 2872 1847.

Ends/Friday, January 10, 2014
Issued at HKT 17:17