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Public called on to avoid food wastage and promote community care this Christmas (with photos)

     As Christmas and the New Year approach, have you thought of spreading the messages of preventing food wastage and promoting a caring community to families, friends and the needy during the festive season? By doing so, you can play a part in sharing a green and warm festival period with the whole community.

     Taking part in the Bread Angel food recycling activity this evening (December 20), the Secretary for the Environment, Mr Wong Kam-sing, joined some volunteers and collected unsold bread from a bakery in San Po Kong. They then delivered the bread to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ho Tung Home for the Elderly in Tsz Wan Shan.

     Mr Wong said that this meaningful activity not only avoided the disposal of surplus edible food, but also offered assistance to those in need in society, thereby preventing food wastage and building a caring community at the same time.

     He said that food waste accounts for around 40 per cent of the municipal solid waste disposed of in Hong Kong every day. Everyone in society needs to share the responsibility and make behavioural changes to put food waste reduction into practice in daily life, he added.

     He expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the food and beverage sector in collaboration with food recycling organisations to support the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign. He pointed out that the donation of surplus edible food to charitable organisations and elderly homes could prevent valuable food resources being disposed of at landfills. Food donation could also benefit disadvantaged persons and promote love and care in society.

     Mr Wong said that he was glad to see the efforts and care of the participating volunteers who helped to collect and deliver surplus food at night-time as well as spread the messages of preventing food wastage and promoting a caring community in every corner of society. He called on members of the public to support the relevant activities and take part in the volunteer work. He also encouraged more enterprises and organisations to hold food recycling activities for the promotion of a culture of preventing food waste.

     Mr Wong also took the opportunity to call on members of the public to cherish food and reduce waste when holding parties or having meals in celebration of Christmas and the New Year. For example, people should carefully estimate the correct amount of food needed before meals and cook the right portions or order a suitable number of dishes so as to avoid food wastage.

     Big Waster, a character who symbolises food wastage as part of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign, also showed up at the activity this evening to support the volunteers. Big Waster will also visit different venues during Christmas to remind the public to cherish food and not become another Big Waster while celebrating Christmas and the New Year. Details are as follows:

Date          Time        Venue
----          -----       ------
December 22   3pm to 5pm  Hong Kong Cultural Centre,
(Sunday)                  Tsim Sha Tsui
                          (near Clock Tower)

December 24   5pm to 7pm  Statue Square, Central
(Tuesday)                 (near Prince's Building)

December 25   5pm to 7pm  Pedestrian zone at Sai
(Wednesday)               Yeung Choi Street South,
                          Mong Kok (near Soy Street)

     During the events, Big Waster will dress in Christmas costumes and sing Christmas carols with a choir. Members of the public are welcome to enjoy a game booth and take pictures with the Christmas Big Waster while enjoying a green Christmas.

Ends/Friday, December 20, 2013
Issued at HKT 21:36


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