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Qualifications Framework provides accessible progression pathways for students: SED (with photos)

     The Qualifications Framework (QF), as a platform covering qualifications in the academic, vocational and continuing education sectors to promote lifelong learning, provides diversified and accessible progression pathways for students and enables them to learn more about their articulation opportunities.

     The Secretary for Education, Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, made this remark at the Kick-off Ceremony of Seminar on Career Information Series 2013-14 cum Seminar on Industries under QF today (October 21).

     Citing the Yi Jin Diploma (YJD) programme developed by the Education Bureau (EDB) as an example, Mr Ng pointed out that the programme has just been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and is recognised as a Level 3 programme under the QF.

     Mr Ng said, "Recognition of the YJD programme under the QF has not only ensured the quality of the programme, but also provided an objective benchmark to indicate the level of qualification attained by its graduates."

     The Secretary for Education noted that under the QF, a total of 19 industries have set up their Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITACs), covering about 46 per cent of the overall workforce in Hong Kong.

     "The ITACs are actively promoting the QF, as well as developing and applying the competency standards in their industries to ensure that qualifications at different levels are well-defined and quality-assured," he said.

     "All ITACs are striving to nurture the next generation of practitioners by actively mapping out clear progression pathways, offering appropriate training programmes, and at the same time providing students with the latest information on the respective industries through various media and channels, so as to facilitate their full understanding of the career opportunities in the industries."

     Mr Ng also remarked that vocational education plays a pivotal role in equipping young people with a solid foundation to join different industries best suited to their interests.

     "To open the door to opportunities for young people, we have launched a number of flagship projects, including the setting up of the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute, Youth College and the Hong Kong Design Institute, etc, and the development of the International Culinary College under the Vocational Training Council to offer a variety of innovative courses and a pathway with multiple entry and exit points. Students can obtain recognised qualifications under the QF according to their own interests and abilities, time and pace," he said.

     The Seminar on Career Information Series 2013-14 is co-organised by the EDB Careers Guidance Team and the QF Secretariat, covering career information on the 19 different industries. These seminars aim at enabling teachers and secondary students to understand how the QF can facilitate students' planning of further study and careers. Representatives of the Electrical and Mechanical Services, Property Management and Security Services industries were invited to the Seminar on Industries under QF today to brief students on the respective industries. Also present were the Chairpersons or representatives of ITACs and about 200 students and teachers.

     Implemented since 2008, the QF is a seven-level hierarchy covering qualifications in the academic, vocational and continuing education sectors, providing accessible articulation pathways for lifelong learning. Members of the public can visit the QF website ( for further information.

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