Steering Committee on Population Policy convenes seventh meeting

     The Steering Committee on Population Policy (SCPP) chaired by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Carrie Lam, held its seventh meeting this afternoon (October 11).

     The meeting mainly discussed the preparation for the public engagement exercise on population policy to be launched before the end of October. Members noted that instead of announcing specific policy initiatives when releasing the consultation document, the Government would organise a large-scale public engagement exercise to deepen public understanding, solicit community views and facilitate in-depth discussion on the various population policy topics, which are important and have far-reaching impact, with a view to forging a consensus and facilitating formulation of concrete policy measures by the Government. The SCPP fully agreed with this arrangement. As population policy covers a diverse range of topics and affects people of all ages and backgrounds, the Government should provide ample opportunities for members of the public to express their views before implementing any specific policies.

     The SCPP was briefed on the latest draft of the consultation document at the meeting. The consultation document lists out major demographic data of Hong Kong and analyses the challenges and opportunities brought about by the ageing population and declining workforce in regard to future social and economic development. It also puts forward policy directions and recommendations for deliberations so as to enable the community to engage in rational and objective discussions on various important topics including how to raise the quantity and quality of the working population, minimise skills mismatch, provide more opportunities for upward mobility for young people, attract overseas talent and assist different groups to integrate into the community. With no pre-set stance, the SCPP will adopt an open attitude in putting forward questions in the consultation document, with a view to facilitating public deliberation and discussion so as to build consensus.

Ends/Friday, October 11, 2013
Issued at HKT 19:52