TAC welcomes re-organisation of public transport services for new railway lines

     The Transport Advisory Committee (TAC) welcomes the Government's plans to re-organise road-based transport services to tie in with the commissioning of the West Island Line and the South Island Line (East) in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

     The re-organisation plans include reduction of circuitous routeings and cancellation of duplicated routes, as well as introduction of new bus and green minibus feeders to new railway stations. Passengers will benefit from a more efficient public transport network under the proposed plans.

     "Members welcome the plans to re-organise public transport services upon the commissioning of the new railways. Doing so can better suit the travelling needs of passengers, improve the transport network efficiency, and reduce congestion and roadside emission," the TAC Chairman, Mr Larry Kwok, said.

     "Members also note that the Transport Department will start to consult relevant District Councils on the proposals in July."

     The TAC was also briefed on the Highways Department (HyD)'s initiatives and the latest developments in relation to road maintenance for the sake of sustainable development. The initiatives include research studies on the production and application of bituminous materials incorporating recycled materials, as well as introduction of in-situ recycling technology in road works.

     Traditional bituminous pavement maintenance methods, which use machinery to break up and remove defective road materials, followed by the laying of new bituminous materials and compaction, generate construction noise and waste.

     HyD has thus included the use of in-situ recycling technology in road maintenance contracts since 2009. The basic principle of the technology is to utilise heat radiation to soften defective bituminous pavement, then to compact the scarified surface with an appropriate amount of new bituminous materials to form a uniform and seamless reinstatement.

     Members noted that HyD would keep abreast of international developments in bituminous pavement recycling technologies and would continue to conduct research to extend the use of recycled materials in Hong Kong.

     "Members support the Highways Department's initiatives and continuous efforts which manifest the principle of sustainable development," Mr Kwok said.

Ends/Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Issued at HKT 18:30