Transcript of CE's remarks at media session in New York (with photos)

     Following is a transcript of remarks by the Chief Executive, Mr C Y Leung, at a media session in New York today (June 11, New York time):

Chief Executive: This is the second day of our official visit to New York. Tomorrow we go back to Hong Kong, so a total of two and a half days in New York. We have 16 meetings in our programme; it is quite a rich programme. Essentially one could group our events in New York into the following: One is a meeting with political leaders in this country and this city. I had a useful meeting yesterday afternoon with the Mayor of New York, Mr Bloomberg, and we exchanged views on a series of issues of mutual interest including impact of climate change, for example the impact of rising sea level on our city management. We also talked about the development of our public transportation system and treatment and disposal of solid waste. So that would be the first category.

     Secondly, I had meetings with bodies such as Asia Society and National Committee on US-China Relations to discuss the role of Hong Kong in the development of our country and we also exchanged views on the ongoing development of China. I found that very useful.

     Thirdly, I had a meeting with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and thanks to the president, Mr Dudley, I had the opportunity of exchanging views with top leaders of the financial services field in this country. The former Secretary, Mr Rubin, was at the meeting too so we discussed the state of the US economy, the world economy and the Chinese economy.

     Yesterday I paid a visit, and this would be the fourth category, to the New York (City) Economic Development Corporation to discuss ways that the New York Corporation facilitates the development of the local economy. And that would be in line with our position in Hong Kong, mainly the government should take a more proactive position in facilitating the ongoing development of Hong Kong's economy.

     And last but not least, I am participating at the TDC functions. This year we have a very large and a very senior delegation of over 200 people including entrepreneurs and government officials from Guangdong. They are here to look at investment and other business opportunities in New York and other cities of the United States. So all in all it has been a very rich programme, very useful and very appropriate for the work of the Hong Kong government. And my takeaway is this: there is a great deal of co-operation potential between Hong Kong, New York and other cities of the United States. Both the Hong Kong side and the US side place a great deal of emphasis on the potential of further co-operation between the two cities and by extension between Hong Kong and the United States. I'm sure this will be a new chapter for Hong Kong to work with New York and the United States generally and the level of co-operation will be on a much higher plane.

Reporter: What are you going to tell us about Mr Snowden?

Chief Executive: Well, I have no comment on individual cases. As usual, we do not comment on individual cases.

Reporter: Mr Leung, this is not just any local story, this is world story, so do you have any comment for us at all on this case?

Chief Executive: I don't have any comment on individual cases.

Reporter: (Inaudible)

Chief Executive: Sorry, I can't hear you.

Reporter: Hi I'm Caroline Weaver.

Chief Executive: Hello Caroline.

Reporter: (Inaudible)

Chief Executive: Sorry, I didn't catch...

Reporter: In general, how will Hong Kong be handling the present extradition?

Chief Executive: Well, we have existing laws and policies, otherwise we can't comment on individual cases.

Reporter: In general, how do you handle extradition across friendly countries?

Chief Executive: Well, in general we follow the laws and our policies.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

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