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Sixth meeting of Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee

     The Long Term Housing Strategy Steering Committee (the Steering Committee) held its sixth meeting today (May 9).

     At today's meeting, Members were briefed on the findings of the Survey on Subdivided Units (SDUs) in Hong Kong conducted by an independent research institution commissioned by the Steering Committee.  The survey was conducted from January to April 2013 in order to identify the profile and to estimate the total number of SDUs in Hong Kong.
     The survey covered the private domestic/composite buildings sampled and stratified according to their building age and spatial characteristics in all districts in Hong Kong so as to find out the conditions of the units and the characteristics of the households.
    ˇ§Members of the Steering Committee have offered useful comments on the survey findings. Taking into account Membersˇ¦ comments, the report of the survey will be finalised and considered by the Steering Committee at its next meeting,ˇ¨ said the Secretary for Transport and Housing, Professor Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, who is also the Chairman of the Steering Committee.

     Also, the Steering Committee had earlier, through the Polytechnic University, held 24 focus group sessions between January and March 2013, with about 230 participants randomly selected from the general public and relevant organisations (which include concern groups, think tanks, green groups, District Council members, academics, property developers and professional institutions relating to planning, construction and real estates).
     The focus groups discussed the existing housing situation and housing needs of the participants; priority that should be accorded in the provision of assistance to different groups in the community; the social cost that the community would accept in the provision of housing to meet the housing needs of the community; and the appropriate level of government involvement in the provision of housing. In the formulation of future housing strategy, the Steering Committee will take into considerations the views gathered from the focus group sessions.

Ends/Thursday, May 9, 2013
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