Police issue verbal warnings to organiser of public event

     Police appeal for cooperation from the organiser of a public event which was held in Central today without prior notice to the Police according to the law.  Police urge the organiser to communicate and cooperate with Police in order to discuss appropriate crowd management and traffic diversion arrangements with a view to ensuring the public event can be conducted in a safe and orderly manner.

     The protestors conducted a public event in Central today without prior notice to the Police according to the law. During the procession from No 2, Queenˇ¦s Road Central to the Central Government Offices in Tamar, the protestors did not follow the instructions and arrangements of Police and moved onto Queensway, Tamar Street and Harcourt Road, occupying several lanes and causing obstruction and danger to other road users. Police had to take contingency measures immediately, including closing all eastbound lanes of Queensway, and all eastbound and westbound lanes of Harcourt Road, so as to minimize the impact on public safety and public order.  Police had urged the demonstrators to follow our instructions several times but in vain. Police therefore issued a number of verbal warnings and would consider following up on the liabilities of the people concerned.

     Police emphasis that we respect peopleˇ¦s rights of expression, freedom of speech and assembly. Police appeal again to the protestors that they should abide by the law and order of the society and express their views in a peaceful and rational manner.

Police Report No. 214

Ends/Monday, April 22, 2013
Issued at HKT 19:00