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Results of Healthy Mobile Phone/Tablet Apps Nomination Activity and other contests announced

     The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration (OFNAA) today (April 6) announced the results of the 2012 Healthy Mobile Phone/Tablet Apps Nomination Activity, the 2012 Meritorious Websites Contest and the 4th Healthy Internet Video Contest. These programmes aim to promote a "Healthy Information, Healthy Mind" culture and protect youngsters from the influence of objectionable materials.

     The Healthy Mobile Phone/Tablet Apps Nomination Activity, which aims to encourage the use of apps with healthy, practical and educational content, was conducted for the second time in 2012/13. During the nomination period, more than 1,800 nominations involving a total of 279 apps were received. Taking into consideration various factors such as promoting the development of a healthy mind, educational value, practical value, creativity and value for money, the judging panel selected the following 10 winning apps:

1. ConnectĦDEmbraceĦDHong Kong Sign Language - Explore Hong Kong Sign Language
2. 3 Piggy-Think Tank
3. Wikipedia
5. Fighters of Correct Word Forms
6. The Encyclopedia of Living
7. BBC Chinese
8. Cheng Yu Ku Wan
9. Stress Reduction DIY
10. GovHK Notifications

     For the 2012 Meritorious Websites Contest, the winners are as follows:

1. ACA Child Protection Web Platform
2. BBC Chinese
3. Small Campus
4. Catholic Heritage - Exploration of historic buildings of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
5. WWF Hong Kong
6. GeoInfo Map
7. Children's Stories
8. eElderly
9. GovHK
10. MTR Corporation

     The Meritorious Websites Contest was first held in 2000 and has now entered its 13th year. The theme of the programme is to "Surf smartly and spend time wisely" and it aims at encouraging young people to visit websites with healthy content and websites' producers to develop more healthy websites. This year, more than 100 nominations were received and nearly 20,000 participants cast their votes. The adjudication panel selected 10 winning websites, which cover a wide range of topics including world news, wildlife conservation, elderly information, child protection and education and public transport.

     Members of the public may visit for details of the winning websites and apps.

     The 4th Healthy Internet Video Contest is co-organised by OFNAA, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. The programme aims to encourage healthy and responsible online behaviour among young people and to educate them to stay away from objectionable information.

     The winning entries selected by an adjudication panel are as follows:

Best Video
Sphere Here - Hong Kong Design Institute

First Runner-up:
Fat Ming Story - Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College

Second Runner-up:
I Like. I Share - CNEC Christian College

     With a total of 74 entries (including 51 school entries and 23 public entries) competing for the awards of Best Video, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor/Actress and Best Visual Effects, the 4th Healthy Internet Video Contest has been well-received. The contest helps educate young people about the adverse impact of harmful information and the importance of using the Internet in a healthy way. Please visit to view the winning entries.

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