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Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum formulates Draft Urban Renewal Plan

The following is issued on behalf of the Secretariat of the Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum:

     The Kowloon City District Urban Renewal Forum (DURF) held its meeting this afternoon (March 25). At the meeting, members endorsed the Draft Urban Renewal Plan for Kowloon City (the Draft Plan).

     In May 2012, the DURF commissioned consultants to undertake the planning study and social impact assessment to formulate an Urban Renewal Plan for Kowloon City. In August and September of the same year, the DURF carried out the Stage 1 Public Engagement to better understand the local needs and solicit public views on the Preliminary Urban Renewal Proposals (Preliminary Proposals) for the district, in particular the various urban renewal areas and their priorities. With reference to the public comments received, the results of the Stage 1 Social Impact Assessment and the discussions with concerned Government departments or organisations, the consultants revised the Preliminary Proposals and consolidated them into the Draft Plan.

     The proposals of the Plan, if accepted by the Government for implementation, would establish appropriate areas in the district for promoting various urban renewal approaches, including "Redevelopment Priority Area", "Rehabilitation and Revitalisation Priority Area" and "Mixed Redevelopment and Rehabilitation Area", in response to different key local issues. These various Areas will help facilitate urban renewal work under the new Urban Renewal Strategy's 4R business strategy, namely redevelopment, rehabilitation, revitalisation and heritage preservation.

     In response to the local demand for urban renewal and improvement of the local environment, the proposals of the Draft Plan are as follows:

* positioning the sub-areas in the district for shaping local character;
* revitalising cultural heritage and setting up a themed walking trail;
* enhancing the harbourfront and local connection; and
* making better utilisation of land resources for facilitating urban renewal.

     "Shaping local character" means establishing clear images and local character for the Lung Tong Nga Tsin Wai Road Area, "5 Streets" and "13 Streets" in the To Kwa Wan Area, To Kwa Wan Central and the Hung Hom Area, in line with the various urban renewal proposals and in response to the local issues.

     "Revitalising cultural heritage and setting up a themed walking trail" is to consolidate existing local resources in the district, link up and organise major existing and planned spots with rich historical, cultural or architectural characteristics and public space so as to strengthen and promote the historical and cultural character of the district.

     "Enhancing the harbourfront and local connection" is to make better use of the existing continuous coastline by connecting the harbourfront area and development of a waterfront promenade, and to improve the pedestrian environment and the connectivity of major roads in the district.

     "Making better utilisation of land resources for facilitating urban renewal" refers to making good use of land resources in the district to provide more options for in-situ rehousing for residents affected by redevelopment so as to preserve the social network.

     The Draft Plan comprises measures that can be implemented in the near future, the short term, the medium term and the long term. The content of the Draft Plan and the relevant information are now available at the DURF website. The details can be viewed at the following link:

     The Draft Plan will be the basis for the Stage 2 Public Engagement and the Social Impact Assessment, with a view to formulating the Recommended Urban Renewal Plan for Kowloon City for the Government's consideration. Implementation of the Urban Renewal Plan will be considered by the Government with regard to the actual situation at the time.

     The DURF will launch the Stage 2 Public Engagement to consult the public on the Draft Plan by the end of April 2013. The public engagement activities will include community workshops, topical discussions, public forums, briefings, and roving and mobile exhibitions. The details of the activities will be disseminated soon, and please follow the designated website, The DURF hopes that different sectors of the community and local residents will give their views in order to formulate an Urban Renewal Plan for Kowloon City with local character and reflecting the will of the district as well as in the overall public interest.

     The Kowloon City DURF was established on June 1, 2011, and comprises non-official and official members appointed by the Secretary for Development. Dr Greg Wong was appointed as Chairman of the forum. Non-official members include three incumbent members of the Kowloon City District Council, two Area Committee members who are centres-in-charge of local non-governmental organisations, and professionals from relevant fields.

     Members of the public can visit the DURF website at for the latest information and meeting updates.

Ends/Monday, March 25, 2013
Issued at HKT 18:12


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