CS concludes reconstruction work in Sichuan and fosters Sichuan-HK co-operation (with photos)

     The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mrs Carrie Lam, today (March 1) led a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government delegation to inspect the HKSAR reconstruction projects in the Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas and officiate at completion ceremonies. She also met with the Governor of Sichuan Province, Mr Wei Hong, to conclude the HKSAR's work in support of reconstructing the Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas and witnessed the signing of two Sichuan-Hong Kong co-operation agreements.

     Mrs Lam said, "With the concerted efforts of Sichuan and Hong Kong, 175 out of 190 reconstruction projects have been completed and come into operation, except for a hospital, two highways, 10 projects in Wolong and two projects of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The smooth implementation of the HKSAR reconstruction projects owes much to the full support and assistance of the Sichuan Provincial Government and related organisations, as well as the active participation of non-governmental organisations and professionals."

     Mrs Lam and the delegation inspected two HKSAR Government-led projects, the Giant Panda Conservation and Disease Control Centre in Dujiangyan and the Sichuan-Hong Kong Rehabilitation Centre, and officiated at their plaque unveiling and completion ceremonies respectively. Both the Giant Panda Conservation and Disease Control Centre in Dujianyan and the Sichuan-Hong Kong Rehabilitation Centre are among the flagship HKSAR reconstruction projects. The commitments for these two projects amount to RMB129 million and RMB220 million respectively. The Giant Panda Conservation and Disease Control Centre in Dujiangyan is the first giant panda base specifically built for rehabilitation and care of ill or injured giant pandas as well as for scientific research into disease in giant pandas. It plays a pivotal role in the conservation and expansion of the husbandry of giant pandas. As for the Sichuan-Hong Kong Rehabilitation Centre, it is a core component of the rehabilitation service network in Sichuan, providing specialised and comprehensive rehabilitation services at the provincial level and serving as the hub of training and development of rehabilitation professionals in Sichuan, contributing to the continual advancement of medical standards there.

     In addition, the delegation also visited the Sichuan Hong Kong Jockey Club Olympic School, which came into operation last April. It is the first of its kind in Sichuan, nurturing young elite athletes from across the province and the nation. It is also a base for exchanges between sports talents in Sichuan and Hong Kong.

     At a meeting with the Governor of Sichuan Province after inspecting reconstruction projects, Mrs Lam concluded the work of the HKSAR in support of reconstruction and exchanged views on further promoting Sichuan-Hong Kong collaboration. Both sides held the view that the reconstruction work helped affected persons to recover from the tragedy and gave a facelift to the earthquake-stricken areas. The reconstruction work also promoted the friendship of the two places, which lays a solid foundation for the two governments to further foster multifaceted co-operation. Looking ahead, Mrs Lam is looking forward to further enhancing bilateral co-operation and smooth implementation of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement there. It is hoped that Sichuan will better utilise Hong Kong as a platform to promote exchange and co-operation in capital, talents and technology and modern service industries.

     Mrs Lam, the Executive Vice-Governor of Sichuan Province, Mr Zhong Mian, and high-level officials of the two places witnessed the signing of a Sichuan-Hong Kong co-operation agreement regarding continued collaboration in the Wolong Nature Reserve by the Development Bureau of the HKSAR, the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province and Ocean Park Hong Kong, and a co-operation agreement in sports by the Hong Kong Sports Institute and the Sichuan Sports Skills College.

     Members of the HKSAR Government delegation included the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Mr Raymond Tam; the Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing-man; the Permanent Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Ms Chang King-yiu; the Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Mr Wai Chi-sing; the Under Secretary for Education, Mr Kevin Yeung; and representatives from relevant bureaux and departments.

Ends/Friday, March 1, 2013
Issued at HKT 19:28