Application for list of establishments from the Central Register of Establishments

     The Census and Statistics Department maintains a computerised Central Register of Establishments which contains information relating to some 390 000 active establishments in Hong Kong. Information kept in the Register is updated on a quarterly basis through feedback from various surveys of the Department and administrative returns from relevant government departments. Information in respect of the third quarter of 2012 is now updated onto the Register.

     The Register serves mainly as the sampling frame for various economic surveys conducted by the Department. Besides, many other government departments and private organisations also make use of the disclosable particulars kept in the Register for their survey, publicity, business promotion, customer classification and research work. These disclosable particulars cover the name, address, type of business and employment size class of establishment. They are available to the public in the following two forms.

20% sample listing

     A sample listing containing 20% of the records randomly selected from the Register, together with disclosable particulars of the establishments, is available to users. Users may apply for all or part of the records in the 20% sample listing in writing or by completing and returning the application form (Form CRE1) to the Department. Applicants can download this form from the website of the Department at (

     The information can be supplied in the form of floppy diskettes, CD-R or photocopies at the following rates:

* Floppy diskettes or CD-R - a charge about $1,200 per listing, compiled to user's requirements (exact amount depending on the complexity of the job concerned);

* Photocopy - a ready, standard listing is available for photocopying (in part if desired). A charge of $1 per page is levied.

Matching operation with specified establishments
     Users may apply to conduct matching operations for a list of establishments in their databases and then extract disclosable particulars for the matched establishments from the Register. The matching operation will be done using the application program supplied by the user and conducted on the computing facilities in the Department. Both the name and address of establishment will be used as matching keys.

     Users may apply for this service item by submitting a proposal of the matching operation to the Department. The proposal should cover the intended use of the information derived from the matching operation, the specifications of the establishment database provided by the user, the details of the matching process and the specifications of the output data.

     The information can be supplied in the form of floppy diskettes or CD-R. A charge will be levied at the following rates:

* a minimum charge of about $3,800 for the service required (exact amount depending on the complexity of the matching operation conducted); plus

* $1 per matched record with information supplied to the user.


     Further details about the above service items can be obtained from the Employment Statistics and Central Register of Establishments Section of the Department at telephone number 2582 4760, fax number 2827 2296 or e-mail

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