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EDB continues to support schools to enhance Moral and National Education

     The Education Bureau (EDB) today (September 21) issued a circular memorandum to schools outlining the amendment to the policy on the "Moral and National Education" (MNE) Subject and its details.

     A spokesman for the EDB emphasised that continual professional learning and teaching support would be provided to School Sponsoring Bodies (SSBs) and schools with deference to the professional discretion of SSBs and schools which may adopt different modes of implementation.

     The Chief Executive, Mr C Y Leung, announced on September 8 this year, and the EDB further explained on September 10, the amendment to the policy on the MNE Subject. Under the amended policy, the arrangement requiring the full implementation of the MNE Subject in the 2015/16 school year for primary schools and 2016/17 school year for secondary schools, at the end of their respective three-year "initiation period", is abolished.

     SSBs and schools can, in accordance with their vision and mission, schools' readiness and professional judgment, exercise their discretion in deciding how to handle MNE-related matters, including whether to develop the MNE Subject, whether to implement MNE as an independent subject, and the implementation modes and schedule.

     "The EDB took out the parts on contemporary China and related assessment of the MNE Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 to Secondary 6). As the parts taken out constitute only a small portion of the curriculum, SSBs and schools can still implement moral education or other related curriculum as recommended in the Curriculum Guide.

     "SSBs and schools may also, building upon what they have done so far, enhance their learning and teaching strategies and resources related to MNE such as values education, life education, knowing more about the country, civic education, sustainable development education, sex education, and so forth," the spokesman said.

     In planning their related curriculum, SSBs and schools can, building on their existing foundation, develop their own SSB- and/or school-based learning resources. The EDB will continue to provide professional learning and teaching support to SSBs and schools. The Moral and National Education Support Grant (MNESG), formerly known as the Moral and National Education Subject Support Grant, is provided to support schools' enhancement of the related education.

     "The MNESG of HK$530,000 was disbursed to schools in August this year. Regardless of the modes of implementing the related education and matters, schools can continue to use the MNESG flexibly for the preparation as well as learning and teaching of school-based related education and items.

     "Since the MNESG is paid by public revenue, schools shall comply with related EDB circulars and guidelines generally applicable to other grants such as those on procuring outside services, purchases and staff employment such as employing supply teachers.

     "Schools may flexibly use the one-off cash grant in hiring professional staff or services in order to share and support work on related education as well as procuring and developing school-based resources relating to the learning and teaching of the related education.

     "They can also flexibly employ supply teachers to release teachers in the schools to participate in the related professional exchange programmes or courses lasting for three consecutive calendar days or more. The unspent balance can be carried forward to the next school year until the grant is used up," the spokesman added.

     Under the spirit of school-based management, schools are responsible for and have to ensure the effective use of the MNESG. As is the case with other grants, the use of the MNESG should be included in the School Report which should be endorsed by the School Management Committee or Incorporated Management Committee.

     The EDB Circular Memorandum No. 135/2012 issued today supersedes Circular Memorandum No. 73/2012 dated May 15, 2012 on Implementation, Support Measures and Grant for the Moral and National Education Subject (Primary 1 to Secondary 6). The Circular Memorandum is applicable to all secondary, primary and special schools.

Ends/Friday, September 21, 2012
Issued at HKT 16:33


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