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Firing practice for June 2012

     Firing practice will take place at the San Wai/Tai Ling Firing Range and the Tsing Shan Firing Range next month (June).

     For their safety, people are advised to leave the firing area before firing takes place and not to enter the area within the period of firing.

     Following are the dates and times for the firing practice sessions in June 2012:

Date                                  Time
----                                  ----
June 4 (Monday)                       8am-11pm
June 5 (Tuesday)                      8am-11pm
June 6 (Wednesday)                    8am-11pm
June 7 (Thursday)                     8am-11pm
June 11 (Monday)                      8am-11pm
June 12 (Tuesday)                     8am-11pm
June 13 (Wednesday)                   8am-11pm
June 14 (Thursday)                    8am-11pm
June 18 (Monday)                      8am-11pm
June 19 (Tuesday)                     8am-11pm
June 20 (Wednesday)                   8am-11pm
June 21 (Thursday)                    8am-11pm
June 25 (Monday)                      8am-11pm
June 26 (Tuesday)                     8am-11pm
June 27 (Wednesday)                   8am-11pm
June 28 (Thursday)                    8am-11pm

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