Total recall of proprietary Chinese medicines in capsule dose form imported by Kin Lik Trading Company Limited (with photos)

     The Department of Health (DH) today (May 24) endorsed the recall of all registered proprietary Chinese medicines (pCms) in capsule dose form imported by a licensed pCm wholesaler, Kin Lik Trading Company Limited, from shelves as the capsule of one of its products was found to be tainted by chromium that exceeds the recommended limit.

     "The recall follows Kin Lik's declaration to the DH about the test result of the capsule of a pCm manufactured in the Mainland named Superior Gan Mao Qing Capsules (registration number: HKP-01895), which contained chromium content exceeding the recommended limit of 2 parts per million, as stated in the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China. The declaration is one of the DH's control measures to ensure the quality of pCms since incidents of chromium-tainted capsules were reported in the Mainland," a DH spokesman said.

     "Although the investigation is ongoing, the Department considered that a total recall of pCms in capsule dose form imported by Kin Lik is warranted in the interest of public safety. A total of two capsule dose form pCms are involved. Apart from Gan Mao Qing Capsules, another one is Quick Acting Gan Mao Qing Capsules (registration number: HKP-01897)," the spokesman remarked.

     "Preliminary information showed that the capsules of the above affected pCms were obtained from the Mainland. While investigation is ongoing, the DH has liaised with the Mainland authority for further information and follow-up," the spokesman continued.

     "For the aforementioned cases, if one consumes the pCms according to their respective dosage instructions, the level of chromium detected is considered unlikely to cause acute harmful effects by taking reference to the recommendation made by the World Health Organization," he stressed.

     Members of the public can call Kin Lik's hotline at 2498 5063 for related enquiries. The DH will closely monitor the recall.

     The spokesman reiterated that since incidents of chromium-tainted capsules were reported in the Mainland, the DH has written to all product certificate holders of pCms urging them to examine their products to ascertain the source of their capsules, and submit laboratory test reports for chromium should empty capsules be supplied by the Mainland. The DH also tests samples of pCm capsules via the surveillance scheme.

     "The DH will continue investigation and closely monitor the situation of chromium-tainted capsule incidents in the Mainland," he said.

     The spokesman urged members of the public who have purchased the pCms to stop using them immediately and surrender the products to the DH at 16/F, Two Landmark East, Kwun Tong, Kowloon.

     For those who have used the pCms and feel unwell, they should seek advice from their health-care providers as soon as possible. So far, the DH has not received any adverse reports related to the products.

Ends/Thursday, May 24, 2012
Issued at HKT 19:38