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Transcript of remarks by Head of the Chief Executive-elect's Office

     Following is the transcript of remarks by the Head of the Chief Executive-elect's Office, Mrs Fanny Law, at a media session after attending the City Forum at Victoria Park today (May 6):

Reporter: (about public consultation on the reorganisation proposal)

Head of the Chief Executive-elect's Office: I think it has never been the practice both before 1997 or after 1997 to have a full-scale public consultation on essentially administrative matters, i.e. the reorganisation of government structure. Of course, I appreciate that the political climate has changed, but we have, as I emphasised, already incorporated many of the views that we collected during the election campaign. In fact, we have responded to public demands for reorganisation.

Reporter: You mentioned something about going down to the district councils......

Head of the Chief Executive-elect's Office: The CE-elect is going to meet with the Chairmen of the 18 District Councils next week and we are also arranging meetings with the civil service unions to hear their views.

Reporter: (about passage in LegCo)

Head of the Chief Executive-elect's Office: This is our earnest wish that LegCo would not stand in the way, so that the reorganisation structure could go through smoothly to enable the new administration to start working immediately after July 1.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

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