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Opening remarks by CE-elect (with photos)

     Following is the opening remarks by the Chief Executive-elect, Mr Leung Chun-ying, at a media session today (March 25):

Fellow people of Hong Kong,

     The Chief Executive Election has just concluded.  I am most grateful to Members of the Election Committee for the trust and confidence which, by their votes, they have reposed in me.  At the same time, I am truly grateful for the support that I received from members of the public throughout my campaign.  By their respective generous gestures, I am accorded the privilege of serving our community for the next five years as the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR - a privilege which I shall accept with humility and gratitude.

     I must also thank Mr Henry Tang and Mr Albert Ho for their participation which brought substance to a meaningful contest.  This election has also allowed me to appreciate my own shortcomings, and, in this regard, I would welcome advice and constructive criticisms which would provide guidance to my future work.  I also hope that I would have the opportunity of cooperating with Mr Tang and Mr Ho in a joint effort to work for a better future for Hong Kong.

     During the heat of the campaign, inevitably passions were roused and strong remarks made.  Now that the contest is over, it is time to reunite.  We must work in unison, be inclusive, embracing diverse views, and we must once again instill positive energy into our community.  All trades and businesses, different strata of society and neighbourhoods must work together and cooperatively, to have our economy, our society and political development back on track.  I fully understand that the work of the Chief Executive will be daunting, but I welcome the challenge.  I shall do my utmost.  And I shall "Walk the right path and seek change whilst maintaining stability."  And I shall not be deterred by difficulties along the way.

     The election campaign reaffirmed the core values which I steadfastly share with the people of Hong Kong.  The rule of law, human rights, integrity, anti-corruption, freedom of the press, speech and assembly are a part of the way of life of Hong Kong people.  They are also the essential components of the principles of "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy.  

     To the seven million people, I solemnly pledge that after I take office the freedoms and rights that they enjoy today would be maintained under my administration.      

     Together with the political team and civil servants, I will set a good example and run an honest and clean government. Although the election was by the 1200-member Election Committee, the community also participated through diverse channels, thereby laying the foundation for universal suffrage in the Chief Executive Election in 2017.  I will consolidate, reflect on and review the experiences from this election and pave the way for enhanced democracy with an open and fair election system, and a healthy election culture.

     At the same time, we must also resolve the many issues and social conflicts that exist within our society, in order to maintain the harmony and stability of Hong Kong.  On economic and social policies, I will consult widely on measures to tackle the deep-rooted problems of uneven distribution of income, inflation, housing, medical services and education.

     Hong Kong has many competitive advantages.  The people of Hong Kong are innovative, hardworking and adaptable.  As long as we seize the opportunities offered by the country, our economy will continue to thrive and the livelihood of our people will improve.  I stress, we do not need major reforms, all we need is for the government to be suitably proactive and introduce change while maintaining stability.  

     Fellow people of Hong Kong, we are not tenants of a small island; we are one family.  We may have different backgrounds, but our next generation has a common future. I was born and bred in Hong Kong, a place which nurtured my upbringing and to which I owed my good fortune.  I am glad that I have been given the opportunity to repay what I have received through service to our community, and I am grateful to all who have given me that opportunity.

     I realise my limitations as an individual, but we can achieve a lot by working together for a common goal.  There are many talented people who are committed to Hong Kong.  With one heart and one vision, we can turn Hong Kong into a more prosperous, more righteous and more progressive society.  

     In future, I will continue to go to the people with my government team to listen to your views, bringing with me as I do a stool, a notepad and a pen.  If you are willing to speak, I am ready to listen.  I, CY Leung, aspire to be a "CE for the People" working whole-heartedly for Hong Kong!

     The promise that I make today will be recorded in history as the unwavering commitment of my administration.  I stand to be monitored and accountable to all of you.

     With "One Heart" and "One Vision", Hong Kong will succeed.

(Please also refer to the English portion of the opening remarks.)

Ends/Sunday, March 25, 2012
Issued at HKT 18:40


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