Election Committee Subsector Elections results (Hong Kong and Kowloon District Councils)

     The election results for the Hong Kong and Kowloon District Councils Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                   No. of votes obtained
---------                   ---------------------
Li Tak Hong                         125 (Elected)

Chow Kit Bing Jennifer              132 (Elected)

Wong Kam Chi                        131 (Elected)

Chan Yuen Han                       121 (Elected)

Chan Chung Bun Bunny                123 (Elected)

Chan Keng Chau                      131 (Elected)

Ngan Chun Lim                        43

Chan Siu Tong                       127 (Elected)

Kan Chi Ho                          131 (Elected)

Ng Kam Chun (Stephen)               135 (Elected)

Chan Man Ki Maggie                  135 (Elected)

Kong Chack Ho                       121 (Elected)

Cheung Yan Hong                     136 (Elected)

Lam Yuk Chun                        128 (Elected)

Yang Wing Kit                       122 (Elected)

Wong Kin Pan                        129 (Elected)

Wong Kin Hing                       130 (Elected)

Cheung Wing Sum Ambrose             124 (Elected)

Fung Mei Wan                        131 (Elected)

Lam Ka Fai Aaron                    125 (Elected)

Chung Kong Mo                       133 (Elected)

Lai Wing Ho Joe                     131 (Elected)

Fung Wai Kwong                       34

Zimmerman Paulus Johannes            34
(Paul Zimmerman)                                   

Lee Pik Yee                         127 (Elected)

Yiu Pak Leung                       120 (Elected)

Fung Se Goun Fergus                 113 (Elected)

Cheung Kwok Kwan                    126 (Elected)

Chung Shu Kun Christopher           119 (Elected)

Cheng Wing Shun Vincent             130 (Elected)

So Lai Chun                         134 (Elected)

Wong Chun Ping                      121 (Elected)

Chan Oi Kwan                        127 (Elected)

Wong Chor Fung                      109 (Elected)#

Ho Hin Ming                         118 (Elected)

Wong Shu Ming Rowena                123 (Elected)

Chan Wai Ming                       130 (Elected)

Siu Yuen Sheung                     126 (Elected)

Chan Wai Kwan Andie                 124 (Elected)

Kung Pak Cheung                     129 (Elected)

Chan Kok Wah Ben                    121 (Elected)

Au Nok Hin                           35

Lam Kai Fai                         112 (Elected)

Pun Kwok Wah                        129 (Elected)

Yeung Tsz Hei (Benny)               118 (Elected)

Chan Wah Yu Nelson                  127 (Elected)

Ho Hon Man                          125 (Elected)

Hung Lin Cham                       133 (Elected)

Hung Kam In                         130 (Elected)

Lau Wai Wing                        129 (Elected)

Lee Chi Hang Sidney                 121 (Elected)

Cheng Lai King                       34

Chan Fu Ming                        121 (Elected)

Or Chong Shing Wilson               130 (Elected)

Chan Chit Kwai (Stephen)            131 (Elected)

Chu Ching Hong                      120 (Elected)

Lo Yee Hang                         125 (Elected)

Lee Kwun Yee Kenny                  129 (Elected)

Chiu Ka Yin Andrew (Andrew           33

Poon Chun Yuen                      119 (Elected)

Wong Tat Tung                       120 (Elected)

Chan Choi Hi                        131 (Elected)

Kwok Wai Keung                      109 (Elected)@

Shiu Ka Fai                         126 (Elected)

Leung Wai Kuen Edward               103 (Elected)*

* The candidate is elected as a Special Member

@ The candidate is elected as a Special Member pursuant to a result determined by drawing lots

# Pursuant to a result determined by drawing lots

Ends/Monday, December 12, 2011
Issued at HKT 13:44