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Election Committee Subsector Elections results (Labour)

     The election results for the Labour Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

andidate                   No. of votes obtained
---------                   ---------------------
Lam Kam Yi                          261 (Elected)

Wong Kwai Ting                      123

Lai Chi Wah                         262 (Elected)

Chung Kwok Sing                     274 (Elected)

Leung Wing Kai                      261 (Elected)

Lo Tung Ki                          246 (Elected)

Tam Chi Chung                       251 (Elected)

Ng Chi Man                          222 (Elected)

Leung Fu Wah                        261 (Elected)

Lee Lai Ching                       273 (Elected)

Yu Sui King Susanna                 248 (Elected)

Chow Luen Kiu                       276 (Elected)

Wong Kit Hin Peter                  262 (Elected)

Ho Wan Hin                          135

Siu Chui Fong                       265 (Elected)

Poon Siu Ping                       302 (Elected)

Lin Yeung Ping                      262 (Elected)

Tsui Sai Cheung                     290 (Elected)

Tsoi Chung Kin                      201 (Elected)

Ng Wai Yee                          291 (Elected)

Chan Hon Fan                        218 (Elected)

Chiu Chan On                        256 (Elected)

Siu Leung Hing                      123

Li Hing Wah                          73

Fung Kin Chung                      255 (Elected)

Lee Tak Ming                         93

Chan Wai Lun                        281 (Elected)

Pang Kong Cheung                    268 (Elected)

Tse King Wa                         241 (Elected)

Lam Koon Leung                      206 (Elected)

Ng Chau Pei                         307 (Elected)

Chow Kwai Ying                      252 (Elected)

Tsang Chi Kong                      179 (Elected)

So Pak Tsan                         251 (Elected)

Lam Shuk Yee                        284 (Elected)

Tsang Chi Man                       262 (Elected)

Cheung Sui Fong                     257 (Elected)

Cheng Kai Ming                       78

Fung Kuen Kwok                      256 (Elected)

Lau Kam Iu                           93

Lau Hon Wa                           69

Tsang Kwan                          259 (Elected)

Chan Yiu Lung                        54

Lee Che Kin                         272 (Elected)

Lai Kai Sui                         248 (Elected)

Liu Po Chu                          112

Mak Pui Tung Kevin                  173

Leung Chau Ting                     271 (Elected)

Ng Sai Chung                        238 (Elected)

Lo Tai Chi                          109

Lee Siu Kai                          50

Chan Wai                            248 (Elected)

Au Kai Cheong                       237 (Elected)

Ma Tak Chiu                         228 (Elected)

Wong Ping                           256 (Elected)

Tong Kang Yiu                       234 (Elected)

Wong Kwok Ying                       64

Wong Wang Yip                       221 (Elected)

Suen Ming Fung                      292 (Elected)

Ng Ping Hong                        249 (Elected)

Wong Pak Shing                      262 (Elected)

Wong Yuen Wood                      249 (Elected)

Leung Chung Yan Juan                265 (Elected)

Chan Hing Sang Alexander            215 (Elected)

Wong Hung Lok                       194 (Elected)

Lam Kwok Ho                         225 (Elected)

Lam Tsin Kwok                       213 (Elected)

Lam Chi Ting                        237 (Elected)

Chan Che Kwong                      298 (Elected)

Lam Chun Sing                       269 (Elected)

Lau Kwok Tai John                    48

Lee Kam Shek Jackson                 48

Chan Chi Hin                        256 (Elected)

Tsang Sum Philip                     73

Wong Kam Kuen                       272 (Elected)

Choi Kam Wah                        268 (Elected)

Leung Fong Yuen                      59

Ching Ngon Lai                      256 (Elected)

Ends/Monday, December 12, 2011
Issued at HKT 13:40


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