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Election Committee Subsector Elections results (Catering)

     The election results for the Catering Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                   No. of votes obtained
---------                   ---------------------
Chan Cho Kwok                       221

Lee Kwong Hoi                       249

Cheung Loy Chun (Cheung             545 (Elected)
Sing Hung)                                         

Chan Wing On                        668 (Elected)

Lo Ho Wan                           578 (Elected)

Chong Yam Ming                      574 (Elected)

Hiew Chin                           523 (Elected)

Wong Kit Lung Simon                 607 (Elected)

Yeung Wai Sing                      617 (Elected)

Li Hiu Lee                          263

Yeung Koon Yat                      683 (Elected)

Lau Pak Fai                         184

Woo Chu (Woo Yiu Lun)               610 (Elected)

Chow Sing Mo Frankie                196

Fung Chung Kai Andy                 558 (Elected)

Lau Kwong Choi                      210

Chan Yue Kwong Michael              710 (Elected)

Chan Wai Keung                      160

Chan Shou Ming                      518 (Elected)

Zeman Allan                         731 (Elected)

Wong Nai Ping                       206

Ng Tak Leung                        303

Chung Wai Ping                      652 (Elected)

Tang Ching Ho                       506 (Elected)

Ho Chi Keung                        201

Chow Kwok Ming Nelson               203

Lee Chung Yin John Bosco            195

Kwok Yiu Chung                      230

Wu Pao Shuen Frankie                473 (Elected)

Chan Chik Hon                       217

Lee Tak Lun Andrew                  322

Lopes Manuel Crisostomo             254

Tam Siu Sing                        551 (Elected)

Tse Po Tat                          219

Ends/Monday, December 12, 2011
Issued at HKT 10:49


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