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Election Committee Subsector Elections results (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)

     The election results for the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                   No. of votes obtained
---------                   ---------------------
Lee Yin Yee                          83 (Elected)

Chow Wing Kin Anthony                90 (Elected)

Kwok Ping Sheung Walter              88 (Elected)

Lau Lawrence Juen Yee                85 (Elected)

Sohmen Anna Pao                      87 (Elected)

Ng Leung Ho                          84 (Elected)

Wu Annie Suk Ching                   81 (Elected)

Woo Kwong Ching Peter                90 (Elected)

Wang Ming Chun Elizabeth             92 (Elected)

Lam Shu Chit                         83 (Elected)

Hung Chao Hong                       89 (Elected)

Kai Yau Ming                         83 (Elected)

Ho Tsu Kwok Charles                  70 (Elected)

Fung Daniel Richard                  88 (Elected)

Fong Wong Kut Man Nellie             88 (Elected)

Wu Ting Yuk Anthony                  79 (Elected)

Wong King Keung (Peter)              87 (Elected)

Lo Man Tuen                          93 (Elected)

Leung Wai Ho                         76 (Elected)

Chan Ching Har Eliza                 78 (Elected)

Sze Chi Ching                        87 (Elected)

Leung Kwok Ching                     75 (Elected)

Chung Shui Ming Timpson              84 (Elected)

Chan Shing Sau                       77 (Elected)

Yang Mun Tak Marjorie                79 (Elected)

Tse Ping                             82 (Elected)

Lui Francis Yiu Tung                 86 (Elected)

Wong Man Yin Marianne                83 (Elected)

Lee Ka Kit                           86 (Elected)

Cheng Kar Shun                       87 (Elected)

Tai Tak Fung                         86 (Elected)

Hui Rafael Junior (Hui Si-           72 (Elected)

Lo Hong Sui                          82 (Elected)

Chau On Ta Yuen                      81 (Elected)

Li Tzar Kuoi Victor                  70 (Elected)

Wong Cho Bau                         80 (Elected)

Hoo Alan                             84 (Elected)

Wu Ying Sheung Gordon                90 (Elected)

Liu Changle                          84 (Elected)

Leung Leung Shing                    78 (Elected)

Tai Hay Lap                          83 (Elected)

Yung Wing Ki Samuel                  38 (Elected)*

Tam Kam Kau                          34 (Elected)*

Leung Chun Ying                      69 (Elected)

Lo Wan Sing Vincent                  80 (Elected)

Wong Wai Ching                       31 (Elected)*

Sze Cheung Pang                      78 (Elected)

Chong Shaw Swee Alan                 85 (Elected)

Hui Wing Mau                         85 (Elected)

Lau Hon Chuen                        87 (Elected)

Gao Gunter                           71 (Elected)

Wong Kwok Keung                      86 (Elected)

Cheng Caroline Yi                    25 (Elected)*

Choi Chee Ming                       78 (Elected)

Chan King Wai                        70 (Elected)

* The candidate is elected as a Special Member

Ends/Monday, December 12, 2011
Issued at HKT 08:46


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