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Election Committee Subsector Elections results (Tourism)

     The election results for the Tourism Subsector of the Election Committee are as follows:

Candidate                   No. of votes obtained
---------                   ---------------------
Ng Hi On                            291 (Elected)

Ho Pak Ting Ronnie                  325 (Elected)

Tung Yao Chung Joseph               297 (Elected)

Young Howard                        144

Tong Lun Wa (Warren)                228 (Elected)

Tam Kwong Shun Tommy                262 (Elected)

Ma Yuk Man                          202 (Elected)

Chau Tai Wai                        150

Shum Jiu Sang Jason                 273 (Elected)

Wong See Sum                        244 (Elected)

Leung Chi Kwan Andrew               374 (Elected)

Fung Ping Fai (Michael              246 (Elected)

Lee Yu Tai Desmond                  149

Yeung Wai Tim Patrick               258 (Elected)

Leung Yiu Lam                       268 (Elected)

Yiu Si Wing                         329 (Elected)

Lee Chun Ting                       192 (Elected)

Chan Lup Chi                        256 (Elected)

Keung Chok Kung                     165

Wong Chun Tat                       288 (Elected)

Yuen Ka Chai Ronnie                 191

Cheung Fung Ting Chitty             307 (Elected)
(Chitty Cheung)                                    

Hui Shu Hon                         187

Wong Chiu Hong                      171

Yip Hing Ning Freddy                339 (Elected)

Ends/Monday, December 12, 2011
Issued at HKT 08:13


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