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Symposium on Police Studies of the Strait cum Hong Kong and Macao (with photos)

     The 6th Symposium on Police Studies of the Strait cum Hong Kong and Macao was convened in the Headquarters of Hong Kong Police today (October 20).

     With "Cross Boundary Economic Crime Prevention and Police Co-operation" as the theme of the Symposium, some 400 participants including delegates, police officers and scholars from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as Macao will participate in the event to exchange views on the trends and development of policing.

     "At the opening ceremony of the Symposium today (October 20), the Secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose S K Lee, said that there had been increasingly frequent flow of people and goods within the four jurisdictions in recent years. The cross-boundary crimes arising from the contacts in terms of business, trade and visitors had been posing a dire challenge to the police of all places concerned.

     Mr Lee pointed out that it was of prime importance to foster co-ordination and support among international as well as regional enforcement agencies in order to tackle such crimes.  He believed that the Symposium today had provided an effective platform which brought the forces together to confront this new challenge, shared ideas and promoted co-operation.

     Also speaking at the opening ceremony, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Tsang Wai-hung, pointed out that the modus operandi was constantly changing. Meanwhile, the organised crime syndicates always shifted their unlawful businesses and assets from one place to another, making it more difficult to track the whereabouts of criminals and crime proceeds as this often required cross-jurisdictional investigation.

     "The Symposium offers us a golden opportunity to pool our wisdom to work out effective strategies and explore new methods to combat cross-boundary economic crimes and recover proceeds of crime.  Through exchange and sharing of experience, we can further enhance police co-operation among the four jurisdictions, with a view to achieving substantive and fruitful results", said Mr Tsang.

     In the seven sessions during the two-day Symposium, the participants will focus on the theme and discuss a broad spectrum of law enforcement and management issues facing contemporary policing, such as policing and enforcement against cross-boundary economic crimes, new criminal activities on the Internet, Information Technology crimes, and quality and management of law enforcement agencies.

     The opening ceremony was officiated today at the Police Headquarters in Wan Chai by the President of the Police Association of China, Mr Tian Qiyu; Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central Peopleˇ¦s Government in the HKSAR, Mr Zhou Junming; Secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose S K Lee; Commissioner of Police, Mr Tsang Wai-hung; Honorary Chairman of Taiwan Criminal Investigation and Prevention Association, Mr Wang Cho-chiun, and Secretary for Security, Macao SAR, Mr Cheong Kuoc Va.

Police Report No. 158
Issued by PPRB

Ends/Thursday, October 20, 2011
Issued at HKT 21:27


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