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Release of Secondary One places allocation results

     The Education Bureau today (July 4) reminded parents that the results for Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) 2011 would be announced tomorrow (July 5).

     "A total of 56,490 students participated in the SSPA System for this allocation cycle," a spokesman for the bureau said. "Taking into account the total number of students allocated discretionary places and the first three choices through central allocation, the overall satisfaction rate is 84 per cent. Considering the number of students allocated discretionary places and the first choices through central allocation, the satisfaction rate is 70 per cent."

     The satisfaction rates for discretionary places and central allocation are:

* Among the students allocated through discretionary places, 63 per cent were allocated the first choices; and

* For students allocated through central allocation (including Part A for Unrestricted School Choices and Part B for Restricted School Choices), 75 per cent of students were allocated the first three choices while 52 per cent were allocated the first choices.

     "At the discretionary places stage, the maximum discretionary places quota is 30 per cent  for each secondary school, and students can apply to a maximum of two schools. At the central allocation stage, 10 per cent of the central allocation places are set aside for Unrestricted School Choices in Part A, and students can choose a maximum of three secondary schools from any school nets. As for Part B Restricted School Choices, students can choose a maximum of 30 schools within their own net," the spokesman said.

     "We hope parents and students can accept the allocation results with a positive attitude. The learning effectiveness of students does not rest entirely on the schools to which they are allocated - it hinges more on whether students are prepared to do their best and to learn with a positive spirit. In this connection, it is important for parents to continue to support and encourage their children, rather than let their expectations become a burden to their children."

     All Primary Six students participating in this year's SSPA System should return to their schools tomorrow to collect the Allocation Slips and Admission Slips.

     The registration period will take place this Thursday and Friday (July 7 and 8). Students must report to the secondary schools allocated during the registration period. In case the students and their parents or guardians are not able to register with the allocated school during the registration period, they should authorise in writing a representative to complete the registration procedure on their behalf. Failure to do so means they have chosen to give up the places allocated. A standard authorisation letter can be obtained from their primary schools.

     If students or their parents have genuine difficulties in reporting to the allocated schools in person or through an authorised representative during the registration period, they should inform their allocated schools or the School Places Allocation Section of the Education Bureau before the end of the registration period so that alternative arrangements for registration can be made.  Failure to do so means they have chosen to give up the places allocated.

     If the tropical cyclone or rainstorm warning signal is issued on the day for announcement of the allocation results or on the days for registration, all school heads and parents should pay attention to announcements on the radio or television for special arrangements.

     For enquiries about the allocation results, please call the Education Bureau's School Places Allocation Section on 2832 7740 or 2832 7700 during office hours.

Ends/Monday, July 4, 2011
Issued at HKT 15:31


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