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Government announces implementation of E-application for Post-secondary Programmes platform

     The Government today (May 23) announced the implementation of the enhancement of the existing Information Portal for Accredited Self-financing Post-secondary Programmes (iPASS) for providing an E-application for Post-secondary Programmes (E-APP) platform. The E-APP platform allows students to submit applications for non-Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) post-secondary programmes.

     "The Federation for Continuing Education in Tertiary Institutions (FCE) submitted a consultancy study report in January this year on developing a Common Application Platform (CAP). We are grateful for the FCE's effort made in discussing the establishment of the CAP with relevant stakeholders, and completing the consultancy study. We also support the establishment of the CAP to allow students to apply for non-JUPAS programmes from different institutions by submitting one application," a spokesman for the Education Bureau (EDB) said.

     "We agree to adopt a two-stage approach in pursuing the project considering that there are still unresolved matters on the major system design, and the system is required to be launched in early 2012 to cater for the application cycle of the 2012/13 academic year," the spokesman added.

     For Stage One, the existing iPASS will be enhanced to provide the E-APP platform. The platform will allow students to submit their applications for non-JUPAS post-secondary programmes, including all self-financing and publicly funded programmes not included in JUPAS. Applications submitted by students will be transferred through E-APP to the respective institutions. The institutions will then process the applications and contact the students accordingly.

     To increase students' choices, institutions participating in the E-APP platform can still recruit students using their existing channels. The E-APP service will be free of charge. Nevertheless, as is similar to the current situation, participating institutions may charge application fees upon receipt of students' applications according to their own policy.

     For Stage Two, the FCE will continue to discuss unresolved matters with institutions concerning the major system design, with a view to implementing the CAP for post-secondary programmes in the longer run.

     "The two-stage approach is a pragmatic and effective way forward. The establishment of the E-APP platform can provide a convenient application channel for students, and facilitate schools and institutions in processing applications for non-JUPAS programmes," the spokesman said.

     The EDB has discussed the system interface and implementation arrangements of Stage One with several interested institutions. After the completion of the system design, the bureau will introduce E-APP platform to schools and parents. The system enhancement works is estimated to be completed by early 2012 to cater for the applications in 2012/13 academic year.

Ends/Monday, May 23, 2011
Issued at HKT 15:42


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