Transcript of remarks by FS at Budget press conference (2)

Reporter:  You're going to put in an amount of money equal to about one-third of the total anticipated surplus into the MPF. On a per-person basis it's quite a modest figure. Of all the things you could have done with $24 billion, why do you consider an uncapped, one-off donation of $6,000 to MPF the best possible thing you could've done with the money?

Financial Secretary:  We felt that is just one of the measures for us to invest in the future. What we put in education is a lot bigger than what we have done with this particular measure. And with that, it would be a measure that everyone would be able to enjoy, everyone who owns an account will be able to enjoy, and I think we will be able to achieve that.

Reporter:  You didn't answer my question Financial Secretary, why is the best possible thing?  I just want to follow up to the question I asked. It wasn't answered.  Financial Secretary, why is it the best thing you could do? That's my question.

Financial Secretary: I think let somebody else ask a question. Everybody asks one question.

(Please also refer to the Chinese portion of the transcript.)

Ends/Wednesday, February 23, 2011
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