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LCQ15: Government, institution or community facilities sites

     Following is a question by the Hon Starry Lee Wai-king and a written reply by the Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam, in the Legislative Council today (December 1):


     Will the Government inform this Council of the locations, sizes and planned uses (including those without designated use) of the undeveloped sites among those that have been designated as "government, institution or community facilities" sites in Hong Kong, as well as the anticipated commencement dates and anticipated completion dates of the works of the facilities concerned, and list such information according to Outline Zoning Plan.



     The designation of "Government, Institution or Community" (G/IC) zones on statutory outline zoning plans serves to reflect the existing G/IC uses and reserve land for the future provision of G/IC facilities.  The planning intention of this zoning is primarily to provide G/IC facilities serving the needs of local residents and/or the wider district, region or the territory.  The sites concerned are used by the Government and relevant organisations for purposes directly related to or in support of their work.

     As regards the location and size of the undeveloped "G/IC" sites requested by Hon Starry Lee, available information from the Planning Department (PlanD) is set out at Annex.  PlanD reviews the planned use of these G/IC sites from time to time so as to flexibly cater for the Government's overall policy and meet the changing aspirations and needs of the community.  It should be noted that not all the sites planned for "G/IC" uses would have an intended development programme; the provision of these sites in each district enables us to better meet service needs arising from changing circumstances.  Generally speaking, the anticipated commencement date of works on the sites designated for specific planned facilities depends on the priorities of the bureaux and departments concerned as well as the availability of resources.  The Administration will seek funding under the Capital Works Reserve Fund from the Legislative Council as and when appropriate.  In the preparation for new capital works projects, the Administration will need to follow certain statutory, administrative and public consultation procedures.  The specific implementation programme of these projects is yet to be confirmed at this stage.  At a later stage, when the project is ready, the Administration will apply to the Legislative Council for funding approval and will provide the project commencement and completion dates, estimated expenditure and other relevant details to the Council.  

     Two of the capital works projects expected to be submitted to the Public Works Subcommittee during the 2010-11 Legislative Council session involve developing undeveloped "G/IC" sites, including construction of a fire station with ambulance facility at part of the Planning Area 3C1 and 3C2 (near Kai Fuk Road) under the Outline Zoning Plan (OZP) S/K22/2 (anticipated to commence work in 2011 third quarter for completion in 2013 second quarter), and a joint-user complex at a site on Pak Wo Road (near Wo Hing Indoor Recreation Centre) under the OZP S/FSS/14 (anticipated to commence work in 2011 fourth quarter for completion in 2014 first quarter).

Ends/Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Issued at HKT 19:11


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