Free replacement schemes for 18 models of compact fluorescent lamps

     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department announced today (June 30) that notices under the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance had been served to two compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) importers to remove the reference numbers of the following 18 CFL models. As a result, the concerned CFL models are not allowed to be supplied in Hong Kong.

Importer - Chip Kwong Electrical Manufactory Limited (Chip Kwong Electrical)
Brand           Model                Reference Number
PALLAS  PAS15W22 15W B22 WARMWHITE        L100053
PALLAS  PAS15W27 15W E27 WARMWHITE        L100054
PALLAS  PAS15W14 15W E14 WARMWHITE        L100055
Silon   SNS15W14 15W E14 WARMWHITE        L100063
Silon   SNS15W27 15W E27 WARMWHITE        L100064
Silon   SNS15W22 15W B22 WARMWHITE        L100065
MASTAR  MAS15W14 15W E14 WARMWHITE        L100077
MASTAR  MAS15W22 15W B22 WARMWHITE        L100078
MASTAR  MAS15W27 15W E27 WARMWHITE        L100079

Importer - Surewin Electrical Limited (Surewin Electrical)
Brand                 Model           Reference Number
LIGHTPRO       LS220/3-SLW E27 6400K        L091429
LIGHTPRO       LS220/3-SLW E14 6400K        L091430
LIGHTPRO       LS220/3-SLW B22 6400K        L091431
LIGHTPRO       LS220/5-SLW E27 2700K        L091438
LIGHTPRO       LS220/5-SLW E14 2700K        L091439
LIGHTPRO       LS220/5-SLW B22 2700K        L091440
LIGHTPRO       LS220/7-SLW E27 2700K        L091441
LIGHTPRO       LS220/7-SLW E14 2700K        L091442
LIGHTPRO       LS220/7-SLW B22 2700K        L091443

     The removal is based on the findings that the measured average lives of these CFL models are less than their rated average lives.

     Chip Kwong Electrical and Surewin Electrical have initiated free replacement schemes for their respective CFL models. For details, please contact Chip Kwong Electrical's customer service hotline at 2757 7820 or email at, and Surewin Electrical's customer service hotline at 2694 9229 or email at

Ends/Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Issued at HKT 08:01