EMSD enhances monitoring of auto-LPG quality

     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) met with the major LPG supply companies in Hong Kong this morning (January 5) to discuss the arrangements for enhancing monitoring work to cope with the recent LPG engine stalling problem of  some taxis and minibuses.

     The oil companies which attended the meeting are Shell Hong Kong Limited, ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited, Chevron Hong Kong Limited, Sinopec (Hong Kong) Limited, and ECO Environmental Investment Limited.

     During the meeting, EMSD discussed with the oil supply companies the proposal to strengthen monitoring of LPG supply, including the random sampling scheme on LPG quality. Starting from this week, EMSD will send staff to different filling stations every week to take random samples of LPG from dispensing nozzles for laboratory testing. Samples will be taken regularly from LPG terminals for testing as well. All supply companies said they would collaborate with the department.

     EMSD also reached a consensus with the supply companies on the standardised arrangement for clearing the residues in LPG storage tanks on a regular basis.  The arrangement has immediately come into effect.

     As for the investigation, the Task Force will convene its first meeting tomorrow.  The Task Force will thoroughly investigate the case during which the process will be transparent.  Relevant findings will be released promptly in different stages.

     Today's meeting also discussed the supply of auto-LPG at filling stations. EMSD noticed that queues were occasionally found at individual filling stations due to a surge in demand in the past two days. During the meeting, EMSD understood from the LPG companies that the overall supply of LPG  in Hong Kong is sufficient to meet the demand.

     The oil companies stated that they would fully co-operate with the Government to ensure that the supply of LPG for vehicles will meet public demand. Regarding the supply of LPG at individual filling stations, the department has urged the oil companies to do their utmost to meet the needs of the customers by making appropriate deployment and arrangement.  Drivers in need may call the EMSD hotline at 2333 3762 for enquiries.

     As at 4pm today, a total of 62 engine stalling cases have been received by EMSD's hotline since it came into operation from 5pm yesterday. At present, there are around 22,000 LPG taxis and minibuses in Hong Kong.

     EMSD will continue to monitor the situation and ensure the smooth and safe operation of taxis and minibuses in Hong Kong.

Ends/Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Issued at HKT 21:45