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Draft Tseung Kwan O Outline Zoning Plan approved

     The Chief Executive in Council has approved the draft Tseung Kwan O Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).

     "The approved OZP is to establish a statutory land use framework to guide development and redevelopment in the Tseung Kwan O New Town area," a spokesman for the Town Planning Board (the Board) said today (June 12).

     The Planning Scheme Area covers an area of about 1,727 hectares. It is located in the southern part of Sai Kung District and bounded by the Clear Water Bay Peninsula to the east, Junk Bay to the south, Lam Tin and Sau Mau Ping areas to the west, and Tseng Lan Shue and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to the north.

     The approved OZP indicates the broad land use zones for the Tseung Kwan O New Town.  A site in Area 86 and another site in Area 92 are zoned "Comprehensive Development Area".  The two sites occupy a total area of about 39 hectares. The site in Area 86 is intended to facilitate a comprehensive development including a MTR depot, a MTR station, associated property development and supporting community facilities (the Lohas Park). The site in Area 92 is an existing film studio.  It is intended for comprehensive redevelopment for low-density residential use.

     A number of sites concentrated in the town centre and district centres where accessibility is enhanced by the MTR Tseung Kwan O Extension are zoned "Commercial/ Residential". These sites occupy a total area of about 20 hectares. They are intended primarily for commercial or residential or mixed commercial/residential uses.

     About 145 hectares of land are zoned "Residential (Group A)" ("R(A)"). It is intended primarily for high-density housing developments with commercial uses permitted on the lowest three floors of the buildings or in the purpose-designed non-residential portion of the existing buildings. It covers public rental housing estates, Home Ownership Schemes, Private Sector Participation Schemes, Sandwich Class Housing and Flat for Sale Schemes as well as private residential developments.

     The "R(A)" sites south of Po Yap Road in the Town Centre South area are intended for the development of waterfront-related commercial and residential uses.  These sites will provide a mix of high quality residential development with the provision of retail and other commercial, leisure and entertainment floorspace to create a unique, interesting and vibrant waterfront for use by local residents and visitors. These sites are also subject to different building height restrictions to provide a varying height profile and to enhance air ventilation in the Town Centre South area.

     Two sites, one in Area 4 (Hong Sing Garden) and one in Area 51 (Oscar by the Sea), with a total area of about four hectares are zoned "Residential (Group B)" ("R(B)"). The "R(B)" zone is intended for medium-density housing developments where commercial uses serving the residential neighbourhood may be permitted on application to the Board.

     A number of sites in Areas 36, 78 (Pak Shing Kok) and 92 with a total area of about 19 hectares are zoned "Residential (Group C)" ("R(C)"). The "R(C)" zone is intended for high quality, low to medium-rise residential developments where limited commercial uses serving the residential neighbourhood may be permitted on application to the Board.

     Two sites at Shek Kok Road in Area 85 with a total area of about four hectares are zoned "Residential (Group E)" ("R(E)"). The "R(E)" zone is intended to phase out existing industrial uses through redevelopment (or conversion) for residential use on application to the Board.

     About 22 hectares of land are zoned "Village Type Development". This zoning covers existing villages including Tseung Kwan O Village in Area 7, Mau Wu Tsai Village in Area 123 and Boon Kin Village in Area 109. It also includes the Yau Yue Wan Village resite area in Area 22, the Hang Hau Village resite area in Area 31, the Fat Tau Chau and Tin Ha Wan Village resite areas in Area 35. Further, a site in Area 8 is reserved for the future expansion of Tseung Kwan O Village.

     About 117 hectares of land are zoned "Government, Institution or Community" ("G/IC") to provide a wide range of facilities to serve the local residents and the wider district or the territory. It is also intended to provide land for uses directly related to or in support of the work of the Government, organisations providing social services to meet community needs, and other institutional establishments.

     A number of "G/IC" zones in the new development areas, particularly in the Town Centre South area, are subject to specific building height restrictions to ensure that developments within these areas are in line with the overall urban design concept of the New Town. GIC uses not requiring free-standing sites such as nurseries and kindergartens will also be provided within the public housing estates and the large private residential developments within the "CDA" and "R(A)" zones.

     About 179 hectares of land are zoned "Open Space" for the provision of outdoor open-air public space for active and/or passive recreational uses serving the needs of local residents as well as the general public. In particular, a semi-circular green plaza, a central avenue, a town plaza, a waterfront park, a waterfront promenade and a riverine park, where shops and services and eating places (including alfresco dining) may be permitted on application to the Board, are proposed within the Town Centre South area to promote a unique identity for the New Town.  

     In addition, a town park which will provide a variety of active and passive recreational facilities together with a sports ground (one of the venues of the East Asian Game 2009) and an indoor velodrome cum sports centre is proposed in Area 45. A sports centre together with a library will be provided in the open space in Area 74. Also, the landfill sites in Areas 101 and 105 will be developed into major open spaces upon restoration of the landfills.

     About 66 hectares of land at the restored Tseung Kwan O Stage I Landfill are zoned "Recreation" for recreational developments for the use of the general public. It encourages the development of active and/or passive recreation and tourism/eco tourism. Uses in support of the recreational developments may be permitted subject to planning permission from the Board.

     Other uses, including the sites proposed for the development of the proposed toll plaza, ventilation building and associated facilities for the Tseung Kwan O - Lam Tin Tunnel in Area 128, water sports and recreational facilities in Area 77, a pair of finger piers and landing steps at the waterfront of Area 68, a commercial development with public transport interchange at Tseung Kwan O MTR Station in Area 56, other commercial/residential developments with public transport interchange in Areas 17, 38 and 73, the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate in Area 87, the deep waterfront industry in Area 137, a cemetery in Area 130, an underground desilting compound in Area 68, a sewage treatment works in Area 85, a bus depot in Area 26, an explosive store in Area 124 and petrol filling stations in Areas 10 and 16, are also zoned "Other Specified Uses" with specified annotations. They cover a total area of 254 hectares.

     The foothills at the fringe of the new town, covering about 759 hectares, are zoned "Green Belt" to preserve the existing topography and natural vegetation, to contain urban sprawl, as well as to provide passive recreational outlets.

     The approved Tseung Kwan O OZP No. S/TKO/17 is now available for public inspection during office hours at the Secretariat of the Town Planning Board, the Planning Enquiry Counters of the Planning Department in North Point and Sha Tin, the Sai Kung & Islands District Planning Office and the Sai Kung District Office in Sai Kung.

     Copies of the approved OZP are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the plan can be viewed at the Board's website (

Ends/Friday, June 12, 2009
Issued at HKT 15:00


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