2009-10 civil service pay adjustment

     Following the meeting of the Pay Trend Survey Committee earlier today (June 8), at which 12 members accepted and validated the 2009 Pay Trend Survey findings and the remaining four had different views, a spokesman for the Civil Service Bureau announced the net pay trend indicators for 2009-10.

     The "net pay trend indicators" - derived by deducting the cost of increments paid to civil servants in 2008-09 from "the gross pay trend indicators" - are as follows:

                           Cost of
                        civil service
                          (as a % of
                           the total
                         civil service
             Gross pay    payroll      Net pay
Salary         trend      cost in       trend
band         indicator   2008-09)   indicator
                  (a)        (b)          minus
---------     -------   --------   ---------

Upper          -4.79%      0.59%        -5.38%

Middle         -1.34%      0.64%        -1.98%

Lower           -0.17%     0.79%        -0.96%

     In accordance with the established mechanism, the Chief Executive-in-Council will decide the rates of adjustment (if any) to civil service pay for 2009-10 having regard to the "net pay trend indicators" above and other relevant factors, namely, the state of the economy, the Government's fiscal position, changes in the cost of living, the staff sides' pay claims and civil service morale.

Ends/Monday, June 8, 2009
Issued at HKT 17:59