PTU the protector of the public (with photos)

     :No matter how onerous the tasks are, the Police Tactical Unit (PTU) always responds professionally to the challenges at the forefront and it has undoubtedly become the protector of the public,; said the Secretary for Security, Mr Ambrose S K Lee.

     Mr Lee today (November 21) inspected a PTU passing-out parade which served a dual purpose of witnessing the successful conclusion of the training of the Foxtrot Company 3 of 2008 and celebrating PTU・s 50th Anniversary.

     Speaking at the ceremony, he said, :The PTU is the backbone of the Force. Evolving from only two platoons in the early years, the PTU now has some 1 000 members. Its duties have all along been closely linked to the pulse of the community and kept abreast of social changes. It was renowned as the .Anti-riot Vanguard・ in early days and later the eradicator of illegal immigration.

     :Nowadays, the PTU also takes up the task of crowd control.  When there is a major incident or event, members of the PTU will certainly be deployed to maintain public order.;

     The PTU, formerly called the Police Tactical Contingent, was established as early as in 1958. Its campsite was situated at today・s Fanling training camp. The Contingent was later renamed as the Police Tactical Unit in 1968 and in 1969 the beret was first worn by the PTU officers, leading to the Unit becoming known as the .Blue Beret・.

     Mr Lee said this excellent unit of Blue Berets had continued to go forward and provided quality service to the public. Apart from the improvement in its equipment and policing strategy, the PTU had endeavoured to enhance the professional ability of its officers and groom new blood.

     He was fully confident that graduated trainees with the professional training received and the .esprit de corps・ built up would definitely exert their utmost when facing immense challenges and difficult tasks in the future, and would live up to public expectations.

     He said, :Following the successful hosting of the Olympic Equestrian Events this year, Hong Kong will organise the 2009 East Asian Games in the coming year. During the Olympic Equestrian Events, the Hong Kong Police Force took part in the planning and execution of the related police operational plans. The professionalism demonstrated by the Force and the PTU・s dedication to their duties undoubtedly led to the successful completion of the events.

     :With the experience acquired in the hosting of the Olympic Equestrian Events, I strongly believe that the Force will be able to effectively perform the police duties for the East Asian Games, and once again prove itself to be the finest law enforcement force not only in Asia, but also in the world.;

     A total of 170 trainees graduated today.

Police Report No.7

Ends/Friday, November 21, 2008
Issued at HKT 19:04