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2008 Secondary Six Admission Procedure

    The 2008 Secondary Six admission procedure will begin on August 4, the day on which the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) results are released.

    A spokesman for the Education Bureau said today (July 25), "The procedure aims at assisting participants of the HKCEE in seeking Secondary Six (S6) places in public sector schools, and as far as possible, to continue sixth form education in their own schools. We also hope to maximise the utilisation of subsidised S6 places and help students avoid anxiety in seeking S6 places."

    This year, more than 25,000 S6 places are available in government, aided and caput schools.

Arrangements for 2008

    Under the five-stage admission procedure, current year HKCEE candidates with 14 points or more from the best six subjects in one sitting of HKCEE can apply to their own or linked schools in Stage I (morning of August 4) or apply to other schools in Stage II (afternoon of August 4 and morning of August 5).

    Current year HKCEE candidates who satisfy the minimum A-level entry requirements can apply to their own or linked schools in Stage III (afternoon of August 5) or apply to other schools in Stage IV (August 6).

    For non-current year candidates, those with 14 points or more from the best six subjects in one sitting of HKCEE may apply to schools in Stage II (afternoon of August 4 and morning of August 5), and those who satisfy the minimum A-level entry requirements may apply in Stage IV (August 6).

    Current year HKCEE participants who satisfy the minimum A-Level entry requirements but still have not secured an S6 place in Stages I to IV can apply for Central Allocation in Stage V at one of the following centres from 9am to 3.30pm on August 7:

* Queen's College (120 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay)
* Homantin Government Secondary School (8 Perth Street, Homantin)
* Sha Tin Government Secondary School (11-17 Man Lai Road, Shatin)
* Liu Po Shan Memorial College (22-66 Wai Tsuen Road, Tsuen Wan)
* NTHYK Yuen Long District Secondary School (123 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long)

    The Central Allocation stage will be cancelled and the Central Allocation Centres will not operate if there are no vacancies, or vacancies are available in only one school after Stage IV. In the latter case, eligible students should apply to that school directly. Details of the arrangement will be announced through the media on completion of Stage IV on the evening of August 6.

    Students from the following types of schools are reminded to find out from their own schools what their linked school is:

* schools which do not operate S6 classes
* schools which operate only one stream of S6
* private schools
* evening schools

    PLK Vicwood K T Chong Sixth Form College will treat private candidates as its feeder students.

    To help students apply to other schools in Stages II and IV, the Education Bureau will release S6 vacancy information on the Internet( and through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone hotline system at : 3499 1111 (Cantonese); 3499 1112 (Putonghua); 3499 1113 (English).

    Students may use the computers for public use at public libraries, District Offices, community centres and community halls to access vacancy information on the Internet. They may also enquire about the location of the schools through the newly added [map] icon on the above-mentioned webpage. 

    S6 vacancy information will also be displayed at the Bureau's Regional Education Offices at the beginning of each session of Stages II, IV and V. All secondary schools are also advised to make their vacancy information available to students for reference.

    Since all schools will only admit students satisfying the requirements set for individual stages, students should, based on their own HKCEE results, submit applications in accordance with the time schedule of the appropriate stages.

    There will be a perforated S6 Admission Slip attached to the HKCEE Results Notice. Since the slip will be detached and retained by the school as a record of admission, students should consider carefully before accepting the offer of an S6 place. No school will admit a student without the admission slip.

S6 Joint Admission Centre (JAC)

    Schools in Tai Po, North, Sai Kung, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Tsuen Wan & Kwai Tsing, and Islands Districts will operate JACs. The venues are listed below:

* Tai Po - Carmel Holy Word Secondary School (10 Tai Po Tai Wo Road, Tai Po, NT)

* North íV Hong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School (Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui, NT)

* Sai Kung íV Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School (2 King Yin Lane, Tseung Kwan O)

* Sha Tin - Christ College and HK & KLN CCPA Ma Chung Sum Secondary School (Sha Kok Street, Pok Hong Estate, Sha Tin, NT)

* Tuen Mun íV Semple Memorial Secondary School and CSBS Mrs Aw Boon Haw Secondary School (18 Siu Lun Street, Tuen Mun, NT and 20 Siu Lun Street, Tuen Mun, NT)

* Yuen Long íV YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School (Ping Ha Road, Area 3, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, NT)

* Tsuen Wan & Kwai Tsing - LST Ku Chiu Man Secondary School and STFA Lee Shau Kee College (301 Kwai Shing Circuit, Kwai Chung, NT and 303 Kwai Shing Circuit, Kwai Chung, NT)

* Islands íV HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School (Fu Tung Estate, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, NT)
    The Islands District JAC will operate in Stage IV, while the rest will operate in Session 1 of Stage II only. Details of the admission arrangements at the JAC are available at the Education Bureau's Secondary Six Admission Procedure webpage(

Recognition of Alternative Chinese Language Qualifications  under the Procedure

    At present, over 80 public sector schools have agreed to consider providing conditional offers to applicants who hold alternative Chinese Language qualifications  at each stage of the S6 Admission Procedure. The names of these schools are available at the above-mentioned webpage and the chapter on Further Studies of "Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary 5 Graduates 2008-2009". 

Applied Learning (ApL) courses 

    As in the past three years, successful completion of a quality-assured ApL course (the list of quality-assured ApL courses is available at ( will be counted as one point by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority in the calculation of points for the purpose of entry to the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE). The maximum number of points accumulated in respect of the ApL courses for admission to HKALE is two.

    As for the procedure 2008, the scores for ApL courses will be counted for central allocation in Stage V. Individual schools with students who have successfully completed quality-assured ApL courses are given the flexibility to decide whether to count these scores in Stages I to IV. This year, 145 schools have opted to count point(s) awarded on merit of a pass in ApL course(s) for students' applications for admission to S6. This school list is available at the Education Bureau's Secondary Six Admission Procedure webpage and the chapter on Further Studies of "Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary 5 Graduates 2008-2009".

Other Points to Note

    This year, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Careers Masters and Guidance Masters Association have continued to jointly publish the "Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary 5 Graduates 2008-2009" for distribution to Secondary 5 students via their respective schools. Copies are also available at the bureau's Regional Education Offices as well as District Offices for private candidates and evening school students.
    Students should visit the homepage of the Education Bureau and read the "Careers Guidance Handbook for Secondary 5 Graduates 2008-2009" for the latest updates and details about the Secondary Six Admission Procedure.

    In case of adverse weather conditions, the procedure may be postponed. Special arrangements for the affected stages of the procedure will be announced through radio and television. There is no need for students to rush to schools for application under adverse weather conditions. Schools should adopt contingency measures and act flexibly to ensure the safety of students who are still in their schools.

Central Hotline Service

    For enquiries about the procedure, students can call the Central Hotline (Tel: 3115 2112) which will come into operation between July 31 and August 11. They are also welcome to contact the bureau's Regional Education Offices for assistance.

Ends/Friday, July 25, 2008
Issued at HKT 18:24


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