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Post-office employment for Professor Arthur Li

    The Advisory Committee on Post-office Employment for Former Chief Executives and Politically Appointed Officials received a request for advice from Professor Arthur K C Li, former Secretary for Education and Manpower, who intended to accept appointment by The Bank of East Asia Ltd as a Non-executive Director of the Board. The advisory committee has advised Professor Li that it has no objection to his taking up the proposed appointment which will take effect from January 10.

     In considering the case, the advisory committee considered the information provided by Professor Li and the assessment by the relevant government offices. The advisory committee noted that the functions of the Board of Directors of The Bank of East Asia Ltd were not related to the official dealings of Professor Li's former position in the Government as the former Secretary for Education and Manpower. The advisory committee considered that there would not be any potential conflict of interests between the proposed appointment and Professor Li's former role as Secretary for Education and Manpower; nor would the proposed appointment create public perception problems. The advisory committee also took the view that the proposed appointment would not cause the bank to gain unfair advantage over its competitors.  

     Within one year after stepping down from office, former politically appointed officials are required to seek the advice of a committee appointed by the Chief Executive before commencing any employment. The advisory committee was set up for this purpose. Membership of the advisory committee is as follows:

Mr Justice Pang Kin-kee (chairman)
Mr Henry Fan Hung-ling
Professor Lee Chack-fan
Dr Norman Leung Nai-pang
Dr Elizabeth S C Shing

Ends/Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Issued at HKT 16:30


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