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Sai Wan Estate Improvement Programme

    The Housing Department will spend $13.4 million to improve the living environment of the 48-year-old Sai Wan Estate in Kennedy Town.

     The estate-wide improvement programme has been deliberately designed to cater for the need of the aging population aiming to foster a healthy lifestyle and enhance the Barrier Free Access.

     The proposed works include setting up a health track equipped with elderly fitness exercise equipment and various recreation facilities; improving landscape, adding railings and seating benches; improving security facilities; repaving estate roads; and installing a shuttle lift at the entrance of Cadogen Street to lift lobby. A map showing the improvement works is attached as Annex.

     "With the fitness equipment, elderly tenants can stretch their muscles and improve their level of coordination while enjoying the fun of doing exercise," the Assistant Director of Housing (Estate Management), Mr Lee Cert-quinn said today (December 26), adding that instructions would be displayed to advise the elderly how to use the equipment safely.

     "To promote a healthier lifestyle and a green environment, we will preserve existing greenery and improve the landscape under the proposed programme. A butterfly garden will also be set up at the southern corner of the estate," he said.

     For energy saving, all the lighting in the estate will be replaced by environmental lighting in future.

     Sai Wan Estate, situated at a hillside, was completed in 1958 with 638 flats in five Linear blocks of 10 to 14 storeys high. At present, tenants have to walk up a staircase to reach the lift lobby of East Terrace if they enter from the east entrance, i.e. Cadogen Street entrance.

     "The proposed shuttle lift at the entrance of Cadogen Street to the first floor of East Terrace serves the purpose of enhancing the Barrier Free Access to the estate. This will also meet tenants' demand for enhanced lift services," he said.
     At the same time, CCTV will be installed at various entrances and Children's Play Areas to strengthen security.

     Earlier, a comprehensive structural investigation confirmed that all buildings in Sai Wan Estate are structurally safe and are in fairly good condition. Minor repair works are under way to sustain the buildings for use in the next 15 years.

     "It is expected that the estate improvement works will start in the first quarter of 2007," Mr Lee said, adding that it would take two years to complete the whole programme.

Ends/Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Issued at HKT 11:00