Lands Department launches electronic "A" Rent Rolls Register

    The Lands Department announced today (September 1) that computerisation of the "A" Rent Rolls Register (A Book) in Tai Po District Lands Office (DLO/TP) had been completed.

     The A Book is a paper register containing information such as ownership, site area and uses of the rural holdings in the New Territories for the purpose of calculation and collection of government rents.  

     "To improve efficiency, Lands Department is computerising all the A Books in New Territories District Lands Offices.  With the completion of the computerisation of the A Book in DLO/TP, it will now provide access to the information subject to conditions," a spokesman for the Lands Department said.

     "In general, a lot owner, or his authorised person, may view the personal data and lot information relating to his own lots in the electronic A Book free of charge; and a member of the public or a lot owner may obtain printed reports of the lot information in the electronic A Book subject to a charge.  The charge is currently at $190 per lot and will be subject to revision from time to time," the spokesman said.

     The printed report will contain information including the lot number, new grant/building licence number, site area, annual rent, class/uses of the lot, Land Registry memorial information, if available and rent concession status (for lot owner only).

     Enquirers may approach the DLO/TP for the services by submitting the relevant application form.  Upon the launch of the new service, the existing paper A Book in DLO/TP will be superseded.  

     "Computerisation of the A Book and provision of similar services by the other New Territories District Lands Offices will be implemented in phases in the next three years," the spokesman added.

     The new Practice Note Issue No. 6/2006 on the electronic A Book has been uploaded to the Lands Department website (

Ends/Friday, September 1, 2006
Issued at HKT 15:51