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Results of education conduct council election announced

    The Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) today (April 27) announced that 21 candidates had been elected to the Council on Professional Conduct in Education under the teacher-nominated and the organisation-nominated categories.

     In the teacher-nominated category, 12 candidates were elected to the Council. They are:

Teacher          Name of                   Number of
Category         Candidate                 Votes
-----------      ---------                 ---------


Aided            Mr Lam Shu Wing            8,358

                 Mr Leung Tak Yin, Billy    8,229
                 Mr Tong Chung Fan          8,964

Government       Mr Yeung Cheong Chun       7,824

Private          Dr Leung Ping Wa           8,142


Aided            Ms Lee Lai Ming           10,146

                 Mr Pun Tin Chi            14,483

                 Ms Tse Wai Lok             6,990

Government       Mr Chin Chun Yin           8,153

Private          No Nomination                 -


                 Ms Chan Tsui Yuk           3,646

                 Ms Kwan Shuk Ling Elaine   2,083

Special School

                 Mr Cheng Sau Leung, Don    1,002

     Votes for the organisation-nominated categories were counted today by the EMB's Principal Education Officer, Mr Steve Lee, witnessed by the representative from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Ir Dr Lau Chi Keung, and the representative from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Mr Michael Chan.

     Nine candidates were elected under these categories, including Ms Chan Shun Lai, Cinda and Mr Shee Shing Chung, Eddie (Teachers' Unions seats); Mr Fung Suk Kai, Mr Fung Tak Wah and Ms Tsui Wai Chuen, Grace (Subject-related Organisations seats); Mr Lee Siu Hok (Educational Commentary and Research Organisations seat); and Dr Wu Siu Wai (Other Educational Organisations seat).

     Meanwhile, Dr Yu Wai Bing (Teacher Education Institutions seat) and Mr Yeung Kin Chung, Clifton (School Groups and Sponsoring Bodies seat) were elected uncontested.

     The Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower will nominate three members, including a Principal Assistant Secretary of the EMB and two lay members, to the Council.

     The first meeting of the new council will be held on May 16, 2006.

Ends/Thursday, April 27, 2006
Issued at HKT 19:07