The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Rafael Hui, met with the Mayor of Guangzhou Municipality, Mr Zhang Guangning, this afternoon (February 16). They exchanged views on issues of mutual concern, including the development of heavy industries and innovation and technology industries in Guangzhou, and the business opportunities brought to Hong Kong, facilitation of the implementation of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) in Guangzhou, and the opportunity for Guangzhou-Hong Kong collaboration arising from the 2010 Asian Games. "I am pleased to have the chance to meet the Mayor during my visit to Guangzhou," Mr Hui said. "Hong Kong and Guangzhou have a very close relationship in terms of economic and trade co-operation. Guangzhou is now developing various capital and technology-intensive industries, such as electronics, information technology and automobile manufacturing industries. All these will bring investment and other business opportunities to Hong Kong enterprises," he said. "The service industry in Hong Kong is ready to provide further services to Guangzhou Municipality to cater for the demand arising from the industrial development there. The 2010 Asian Games will also create more opportunities for the two places to work together in various areas, such as construction, tourism and the hospitality industry," he added.