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Chief Executive officiates at 2005 Honours and Awards Ceremony

    The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, presented honours and awards to 261 recipients at the annual ceremony at Government House today (November 26).

     Among the recipients, 2 received the Grand Bauhinia Medal, 5 the Gold Bauhinia Star, 17 the Silver Bauhinia Star, 37 the Bronze Bauhinia Star, and 10 the Distinguished Service Medals for Disciplined Services and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

     Three Medals for Bravery - one Gold and two Silver - were also presented.

     Meanwhile, 55 people were awarded Meritorious Service Medals for Disciplined Services and the ICAC, 65 the Medal of Honour, 44 the Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service and 23 the Chief Executive's Commendation for Government/Public Service.

     Following is the full list of recipients of honours and awards today:

Grand Bauhinia Medal (G.B.M.) (2 names)

The Honourable LAU Wong-fat, G.B.S., J.P.

Gold Bauhinia Star (G.B.S.) (5 names)

The Honourable MA Lik, J.P.
Professor NG Ching-fai
Dr. YEOH Eng-kiong, J.P.
Mr. CHENG Hoi-chuen, Vincent, J.P.
Mr. Eric Charles BARNES

Medal for Bravery (Gold) (M.B.G.) (1 name)

Mr. WONG Sai-kit

Silver Bauhinia Star (S.B.S.) (17 names)

Dr. the Honourable LUI Ming-wah, J.P.
The Honourable CHAN Kam-lam, J.P.
Mr. LIN Sun-mo, Willy, J.P.
Mr. CHAN Kar-lok, Walter, B.B.S., J.P.
Mr. CHU Yu-lin, David, J.P.
Mr. YU Pang-chun, J.P.
Professor LEE Chack-fan, J.P.
Mr. CHOW Man-yiu, Paul, J.P.
Mr. HEUNG Cheuk-kei, J.P.
Mr. CHEUNG Tat-kwing, Raymond, J.P.
Mr. LEUNG Kin-pong, Andrew, J.P.
Mr. LEONG Ka-chai, J.P.
Mr. CHAN Shu-ying, J.P.
Mr. YEUNG Ka-sing, J.P.
Mr. FOK Chun-wan, Ian, J.P.
Mr. CHUNG Pui-lam, J.P.
Dr. LAW Chi-kwong, J.P.

Medal for Bravery (Silver) (M.B.S.) (2 names)

Mr. WONG Hon
Mr. TAM Po-ming

Hong Kong Police Medal for Distinguished Service (P.D.S.M.) (6 names)

Mr. LEUNG Lau-on, P.M.S.M.
Mr. WONG Pak-nin, P.M.S.M.
Ms. Barbara Rose WILLISON, P.M.S.M.
Mr. FOK Man-kwan, Ronald, P.M.S.M.
Mr. YAM Tat-wing
Mr. KWOK Chi-shun, Arthur

Hong Kong Fire Services Medal for Distinguished Service (F.S.D.S.M.) (2 names)

Mr. TAM Chi-chung, F.S.M.S.M.
Mr. LO Chun-hung, Gregory

Hong Kong Correctional Services Medal for Distinguished Service (C.S.D.S.M.) (1 name)

Mr. HUI Tak-fuk, Daniel

Government Flying Service Medal for Distinguished Service (G.D.S.M.) (1 name)

Captain LEE Ngau-chai, Johnny

Bronze Bauhinia Star (B.B.S.) (37 names)

Mr. WONG Ying-ho, Kennedy, J.P.
Ms. MAR Yuet-har, M.H.
Dr. WU Po-him, Philip, J.P.
Mr. YU Kam-kee, Lawrence, J.P.
Dr. LI Sze-bay, Albert, J.P.
Mr. FAN Chor-ho, Paul, J.P.
Professor FAN Yiu-kwan, J.P.
Mr. MA Ching-yuk, J.P.
Dr. KWOK Kin-fun, Joseph, J.P.
Professor CHAN Yuk-shee, J.P.
Mr. CHAN Pun-chung, J.P.
Ms. CHAN Ching-har, Eliza, J.P.
Mr. MAK Kin-lam, J.P.
Mr. CHOI Chi-wa, Augustine, J.P.
Mrs. CHENG CHAN Ching-ling, J.P.
Mr. LAI Sze-nuen, J.P.
Professor LO King-man, J.P.
Mrs. PEI CHEN Chi-kuen, Delia, J.P.
Reverend SIK Chi-wai
Mr. WONG Kwun, M.H.
Mr. CHOW Yin-sum, M.H.
Mr. LEUNG Chung-wan, M.H.
Mr. YAU Sai-yan, Simon
Mr. WU Lang-meng, Anthony
Mr. LEE Man-chun, Raymond
Mr. HUNG Cho-shing, Crucindo
Mr. HUNG Chi-pai
Mr. CHAN Wing-kin, Alfred
Mr. Henry TAN
Mr. CHAN Wing-chan
Mr. CHAN Yiu-chong, Christopher
Mrs. FUNG CHAN Chiou-min, Clara Ann
Ms. YEUNG Chi-hung
Mr. YOUNG Kak-sun, Edmund
Dr. LAU Wai-mai, Michael
Dr. TSE Tak-fu

Hong Kong Police Medal for Meritorious Service (P.M.S.M.) (24 names)

Mr. HO Siu-wing
Mr. LUI Chi-hoi
Mr. LUI Kwai-hoi
Mr. LI Chiu-keung
Mr. CHEUK Chun-yin, Albert
Ms. TSUI Yee-lin, Elaine
Mr. MA Wai-luk
Mr. John Alan COX
Mr. WONG Che-kwong
Mr. WONG Wai-fung, Anthony
Mr. YEUNG Yuk-fai
Mr. IP Kwok-fu
Mr. LIU Ho-yee, Alan
Mrs. LAU WONG Chun-lai
Mr. LAU Chi-keung
Mr. CHENG Se-lim, Stephen
Mr. CHENG Kwok-ping
Mr. TANG Yiu-cheung
Mr. William Wallace MURISON
Mr. LAI Kam-wing
Mr. TSE Keung
Mr. Kevin Hugh LAURIE
Mr. YIM Wai-kwok

Hong Kong Fire Services Medal for Meritorious Service (F.S.M.S.M.) (8 names)

Mr. HO Nai-hoi
Mr. LUI Kin-chung
Mr. CHAN Nam-kay
Mr. WONG Sai-chuen
Mr. WONG Hung-cheong
Mr. CHOY Chik-wah
Mr. TSE Yui-chiu
Mr. LAW Hung

Hong Kong Immigration Service Medal for Meritorious Service (I.M.S.M.) (6 names)

Mr. NG Kwok-wai
Mr. KONG Chi-ming
Mr. CHEUNG Chin-hung
Mr. PANG Kin-mo
Miss WAN Shiu-mei
Mr. TAM Wing-yin

Hong Kong Customs and Excise Medal for Meritorious Service (C.M.S.M.) (6 names)

Mr. WONG Ching-lim
Mr. LEUNG Kwong-wing
Mr. TSANG Chiu-chun
Mrs. TSE KO Lai-yee, Nora
Mr. TAM Wai-lun
Mr. SO Yuen-sang

Hong Kong Correctional Services Medal for Meritorious Service (C.S.M.S.M.) (8 names)

Miss FONG Yin
Mr. LEE Wing-hong
Mr. TSUI Siu-kee
Mr. LUK Yiu-man
Mr. MAK Chi-wai
Mr. FU Shing-chi
Mr. PANG Chi-keung
Mr. TAM Shiu-ming

Government Flying Service Medal for Meritorious Service (G.M.S.M.) (1 name)

Captain CHAN Chi-pui, Michael, M.B.B.

Hong Kong ICAC Medal for Meritorious Service (I.M.S.) (2 names)

Mr. FOK Chi-cheong
Mr. SO Ping-hung

Medal of Honour (M.H.) (65 names)

Dr. CHEUNG Huen-cheong, Thomas
Mrs. CHONG WONG Chor-sar, J.P.
Mr. LAU Chi-keung, J.P.
Mr. WEN Choy-bon
Mr. LI Hon-hung, Allan
Mr. YING Yu-hing
Mr. KONG Chack-ho
Mr. HO Sau-mo, Akco
Mr. LEE Tat-yan
Mr. LAM Kai-fai
Mr. YUNG Chi-ming
Mr. TANG Chun-keung, Teddy
Mr. SIU Chor-kee
Mr. YIP Man
Ms. CHENG Chee-hing, Jane
Mr. SO Wa-wai
Mr. FONG Hup
Dr. WONG Yat-kiu, Buddy
Mr. WONG Fu-yau
Mr. CHU Chi-sing, Robert
Ms. CHU Mau-lam, Maureen
Ms. Irene Mary FISHER
Mr. NG Lin-sing
Mrs. LEE TANG Yee-lin, Irene
Mr. LEE Kam-yin
Mr. LI Ching
Mr. KOON Kam-kwan
Mr. KI Shiu-cheong
Mr. HAU Wing-cheong
Ms. OR Tat-kuen
Mr. WEI Chi-hua
Mr. SUEN Kwok-lam
Mr. YUEN Ming-chi
Mr. KO Lai-chak
Mr. CHEUNG Chung-tong
Mr. CHEUNG Kin-fat
Mr. CHEUNG Pak-chi
Mr. CHEUNG Yiu-fai
Mrs. LEUNG WONG Chui-mei
Mr. MOK Shiu-fai, Anthony
Mr. CHAN Yuk-yan
Miss CHAN Mei-lan, Anna May
Mr. MAK Yun-sau, Francis
Mr. WONG Man-kit
Mr. WONG Kin-hing
Mr. WONG Dai-hai
Mr. WAN Koon-sun
Mr. YIP Chun-to, Adrian
Mr. LAU Shat-kay
Mr. CHOI Luk-sing
Mr. CHOI Siu-ming, William
Mr. TSOI Heung-sang, Herbert
Mrs. CHOI MA Oi-kuen
Mr. CHENG Chiu-kit
Mr. CHENG Kam-chung
Mr. TAI Kong
Mr. TSE Lai-leung, Jimmy
Ms. KWONG Sum-yee, Anna
Mr. KWONG Kai-to
Ms. Shirley Marie Therese LOO
Mr. LO Chi-hong
Ms. LO Fung-king, Monica
Mr. SO Chian-su
Mr. KO Chun-wa
Mr. Mohamed Alli DIN

Chief Executive's Commendation for Community Service (44 names)

Mr. CHOW Yiu-ming, Alan
Mr. LAM Faat-kang
Ms. TO Kwai-ying
Miss MAK Mei-kuen, Alice
Ms. FUNG Mei-wan
Mr. LAI Siu-tong, Andy
Ms. LUNG Shui-hing
Reverend MAN Chi-on, Steve
Mr. NG Kwok-chun
Ms. LUI Fung-ming
Mr. LI Kwok-wah
Mr. LEE Tak-kuen
Mr. LIN Siu-sau
Mr. LAM Kwok-keung
Mr. YIU Ka-wan
Mr. YUEN Kwai-choi
Ms. Shalini MAHTANI
Mr. CHEUNG Yik-kam
Dr. CHEUNG Tat-leung
Mr. LEUNG Kam-ming
Ms. LEUNG Yim-fan, Cannie
Ms. HUI So-shan
Mr. KWOK Wing-keung
Dr. Richard TAN
Mr. CHAN Hak-kan
Ms. CHAN Sau-yin
Mr. CHAN Mou-keung, Haydn
Mr. CHAN Shiu-kuen
Mr. CHAN Cheung
Mr. CHAN Kuen-kwan
Mr. MAK Chi-yan
Ms. FONG Choi-peng
Mr. WONG Yao-wing, Robert
Mr. WONG Wai-suen
Ms. WONG Lam-chun
Mr. WAN Kwok-hung, Joseph
Mr. YIP Chung-ling
Mr. YIP Chun-keung
Dr. IP Wai-cheung
Ms. POON Wan-tak
Miss LAI Wai-ling
Mr. SIU Pui-yau
Dr. CHIEN Ping, Eric
Ms. KUNG Wai-hang

Chief Executive's Commendation for Government/Public Service (23 names)

Mr. NG Wai-ping
Mr. LUI Kwok-ming
Ms. LI Hoi-yan, Anita
Mr. LEE To-lung, Laurence
Miss YIU Yun-siu
Mr. OR Shi-hung
Miss TONG Po-hoi, Linda
Mr. YUEN Wing-chun
Mr. LEUNG Chiu-pun
Mrs. KWOK LAM Yee-kwan, Helen
Ms. LO Pik-wai, Yvonne
Mr. FUNG Chow-kwei
Ms. WONG Yuet-ngor, Anne Marie
Ms. YEUNG Tsui-har
Mr. IP Tin-sung
Mr. YIP Ka-fai, Daniel
Mr. CHOI Wing-cheong
Mr. CHUNG Shui-pang
Mrs. CHUNG TSUI Soo-ying
Mr. PONG Kam-loi
Mr. LAW Bing-ching
Mr. KWAN Kam-fai
Mr. SO Hok-lai

Ends/Saturday, November 26, 2005
Issued at HKT 17:06


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