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Proprietary Chinese medicine with western drug
ingredients found


    The Department of Health (DH) today (May 19) called on people not to buy or use a brand of proprietary Chinese medicine ("±dłĘ€Y") which contains five Western drug ingredients and may cause side effects.

    The five ingredients, diazepam, chlorpheniramine, morphine, codeine and clenbuterol are prescription-only drugs and they should be used only under medical supervision.

    Diazepam is a tranquiliser, chlorpheniramine is used to relieve allergy, morphine is a pain killer, codeine is a cough suppressant and clenbuterol is used to relief asthma.

    Diazepam and chlorpheniramine can cause drowsiness and dizziness.  Morphine and codeine can cause constipation, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting.  Clenbuterol can cause tremor, restlessness and headache.

    The appeal was made after an investigation into a case in which a 57-year-old woman sought treatment at Kwong Wah Hospital in March for an acute disease.  The woman claimed that she had taken "±dłĘ€Y" since late 2004 for her asthma.  

    Chemical analysis of the medicine obtained from the woman revealed that it contained the five Western drug ingredients.

    It was reported that the medicine was bought from the Mainland.  However, the medicine was not the cause of her acute disease.

    The DH has no record of this proprietary Chinese medicine being imported into Hong Kong for sale.  The relevant authorities in the Mainland have been informed.

    People who have been using "±dłĘ€Y" are advised to immediately stop taking it and to seek medical attention if they feel unwell.

    They are urged to dispose of the medicine or submit it to the DH's Pharmaceutical Service at the 3rd floor of the Public Health Laboratory Centre at 382, Nam Cheong Street, Kowloon during office hours.

    People with asthma should consult medical professionals for appropriate advice and treatment.

Ends/Thursday, May 19, 2005


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