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Government statement on the demolition of Hunghom Peninsula


"The Government fully understands the public concerns about the possible environmental impact brought about by the demolition of the Hunghom Peninsula. As the developers hold the legal title of the land and own the property, it is the developers' commercial decision to carry out the demolition of the subject property," a Government spokesman said today (November 29).

"The demolition of a brand new development will cause wastage which contravenes the principle of environmental protection. The Government is very concerned about the demolition plan and has asked the developers to submit a comprehensive waste management plan to cope with the possible problems arising from the demolition," the spokesman said.

"The Government shares the same concern raised by the green groups about the environmental problems arising from the demolition. We believe that the developers will listen to and take into account the views from the green groups," he said.

The Government has also urged the developers to carefully plan the overall demolition process, such as adopting the method of "selective demolition", to minimise the amount of construction waste to be generated and make every effort to facilitate the recycling and reuse of the useful materials. This can also help minimise wastage and lessen further burden to our landfills and public fill facilities.

"The developers are required to meet all the existing statutory requirements as stipulated in the Air Pollution Control (Construction Dust) Regulation and the Noise Control Ordinance. They should also take into account the environmental, noise and traffic impact on the residents nearby," the spokesman added.

Ends/Monday, November 29, 2004


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