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Good progress on recall of "Vioxx"


In response to media enquiries on the recall of a new class of analgesic-antirheumatic drug "Vioxx" by the drug company concerned, a spokesman of the Department of Health today (October 29) made the following remarks:

The department is closely monitoring the recall initiated by the drug company. To date, over 90% of the drugs have been recalled from the market.

The department is also satisfied that the company has promptly notified all doctors, hospitals and dispensaries to whom it has supplied the drug about the recall.

We also noted that the company had issued a press release on September 30 announcing its decision to withdraw the drug from the market. The announcement was well reported in local media in early October.

The spokesman said the department would send letters to all medical practitioners today drawing their attention to the recall and reminding them to return the remaining stock of the drug if they had not done so.

The department will also review the monitoring of company-initiated recalls with particular reference to the need to improve communication with healthcare professionals.

Patients who have been using the drug are advised to consult their doctors.

Ends/Friday, October, 29, 2004


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